What to know about Lewes, Delaware

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Lewes, Delaware, is an up-and-coming area currently in the process of re-opening following COVID-19 restrictions. Perfect for a romantic getaway, Lewes, is a haven of quiet streets and boutique shopping. Wander down Second Street and overlook beautiful waterways. Explore the many unspoiled trails located in Cape Henle Penn State Park and enjoy the natural surroundings. There is something for everyone in this hidden gem of the world. Here’s everything you need to know about Lewes, Delaware.

Growing Regional Interest

The Cape region is growing rapidly as people learn more about the uncharted nature trails and sanctuaries that embody this area. Aside from natural beauty and small-town charm, Lewes offers a suburban lifestyle at affordable prices. Public schools are highly rated, and most residents in the area own their homes. Sussex County, in general, is considered to be one of the best places to live in Delaware.

Homes for sale in Lewes, Delaware

Lewes is an excellent choice for raising a family and finding community. The cost of living is slightly above the US average, with medium home costs at $231,900. As you get closer to the water, homes become more expensive, but on average, a large single-family home it’s just over $200,000. The homes for sale in Lewes Delaware go quickly as they are close to many relaxing amenities, including kayaking, fishing, and beautiful coastal views. Many homes have views of Whites Pond, a 16-acre body of water.

Unique Neighborhood Features

Many neighborhoods feature community pools, walking trails, and are close to historic venues, including a clubhouse and a historic barn, which are major attractions to those in the community. If you’re looking for a home in this area, consider looking during the summer. Real estate projections have suggested that the summer months and mainly July, are the most common months for home selling. It takes around three months to close on a deal, so the sooner you get searching, the more time you’ll have to plan your home purchase.

Natural views and Healthy People

Since the area is surrounded by so much nature including various waterways and beaches, additional sale properties are listed as vacation homes. You can find cozy rentals and bungalow retreats for you and your family to enjoy during the summer months. Although most residents are owners of their homes, the Lewes area is a significant tourist attraction for those in the New England region. While prices increase as you get closer to the beach, there are still homes at reasonable prices. It is possible to find a four-bedroom house for around $435,000 by the water. Given the natural wonders surrounding the region, many people maintain active lifestyles and are in good shape. Fresh produce and seafood, as well as many different walking trails and outdoor activities, make it easy to remain active and healthy in this beautiful community.

If you’re lookin’g for a quiet, beachside, and small-town retreat, come to Lewes, Delaware, and experience a truly one-of-a-kind, charming, suburban oasis.

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