10 Essential Packing Tips for Moving House

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It is exciting to move to a new place, but the stress that comes with packing is something most people fear the most. You have to ensure your home is clean, reach out to utility companies, pack your belongings and hire a firm to help you remove some of your properties. The stress isn’t something to look forward to. You have to ensure that you have the right packaging materials or seek a removal company’s service. You may also find online moving kits, depending on the type of properties you have. 

1 – Start packing way ahead of your planned moving day

The number and type of properties you have will determine your packing time. We advise that you begin packing way ahead of time to reduce the stress involved in packing. If you have a large house, you can start packing two months earlier if you will be packing at least one box daily. One month may suffice if your home is small. However, there is no precise number of days to start packing. It’s up to you!

2 – Start packing items you do not use often

You can start packing items from rooms you less frequently use. You may decide to start at the top floor and gradually make your way down. You can also pack seasonal items such as Christmas lights, coats, and garden tools before packing other items you use more frequently.

3 – Donate and Declutter

You don’t need to take all items with you when moving, and you can donate your unwanted and old items to charity or hold a garage sale. You may also consider selling them on eBay. If your friends are helping you pack, you can ask if they would need any property you plan to sell.

4 – Prepare a well-detailed inventory list

Making an inventory list comes in handy if you have an extensive collection of trinkets, CDs, books, or other items. You should identify each of your moving boxes with a label. You can use “Books” as a generic name for your book collection, but if you have several pieces of literature, you may have to prepare an inventory list on a spreadsheet and place them on each box accordingly.

5 – Pack items from a room at a time

Some people neglect this all-important tip. There is an argument whether it is better to store items by category or by rooms. Your choice depends on the option that is easier for you. However, we advise that you pack your properties by room. It helps you to be more organized during packing and also when unpacking or unloading each box. Start packing from the top rooms as that will ease muscle strain since you wouldn’t be climbing up and down the stairs towards the end of your relocation.

6 – The maximum weight of each box should be 30Ibs.

It is critical not to exceed the weight of each box, especially when traveling abroad. You might get an inquiry on your boxes if any of them seems to weigh above the required weight limit. You should pack heavy items in smaller boxes while you pack light items inside large boxes.

7 – Put spillable items in plastic bags

When packing detergents and toiletries, it is advisable to cut down on the liquid items you will be carrying. You should therefore pay only for those essential items. A plastic bag or sturdy box is best suited for packing liquid items. Unscrew the bottle caps and place screws back after wrapping a plastic bag over it. You can also place the bottle in a plastic bag. Tie and secure the bag using scotch packing tape. Doing this helps to prevent liquid spillage if the bottles were accidentally open.

8 – Roll your Clothes

It is most practical to store your clothes by rolling them. Rolling your clothes is easier than folding, and it also helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and space consumed. Rolling allows you to increase the number of clothes you store in a single box. You also get to wear them without ironing since they may be less wrinkled.

9 – Pack appliance wiring and cables with roll tubes

It is quite frustrating when your earphones get tangled while in your pocket. You wouldn’t like the same to happen to your wiring as you pack. To prevent such, you should pack them separately using toilet roll tubes. You can then proceed to store them in one box after labeling them.

10 – Store valuable items in one place

Pack your valuables in one place and ensure that you prepare an inventory list to keep a tab on all the items. You may also choose to rent a deposit box or safe at your preferred bank for safekeeping.

These ten packing tips will come in handy when moving house. However, you should not forget to move along with all your documents, label your boxes, and don’t forget to dispose of harmful materials. Enjoy your new home!

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Owen Grigg works for Yeates, a family storage & removals Clevedon company that has been operating in the UK since 1910. Yeates provides excellent service at affordable prices for when you need the reassurance that your belongings are in safe hands.

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