Global Green USA Announces Solar for Sandy and Citizen Entrepreneur Initiatives

New York, NY – January 30, 2013 – (RealEstateRama) — Global Green USA (www.globalgreen.org), a national environmental organization, held its 13th annual Sustainable Design Awards last night at Three Sixty in New York City.  Established in 1999 to recognize specific advancements in industry, building, media, organizations, and public policy, the Sustainable Design Awards honor those who are “tearing down the walls” that stand in the way of a sustainable and secure world through their innovative design.  This year the organization honored Eve Ensler, William Rudin, and Greif for groundbreaking work in sustainability.

“The 13th annual Sustainable Design Awards were a tremendous success and we’d like to thank our guests for their support and enabling us to continue important work in community relief and environmental protection,” said Global Green USA president Matt Petersen.  “We are also happy to have the opportunity to recognize this year’s honorees, and look forward to seeing the results of their tremendous efforts.”

13th Annual Sustainable Design Award Honorees:

Eve Ensler, Founder of V-Day – Organizational Design Award
For the design of V-World, a sustainable farm to heal the women of the Congo by healing the Earth, and the greening of The City of Joy

The Rudin Family, Accepted by William C. Rudin, CEO Rudin Management Co. – Green Building Design Award
For the design and green redevelopment of the prewar residential building in NYC, One Thirty West 12th Street 

Greif, Accepted by Scott Griffin – Industrial Design Award
For the design of the PackH20 backpack, used to help ease the transport of water for the one in seven people who live without access to water at home

Accepting his award, Bill Rudin thanked Global Green USA for “for the tremendous work they do in advocating for a global value shift toward a more sustainable future” and credited CookFox Architects, JB & B Mechanical Engineers, Stribling, and the Rudin development team for their project, which recently received LEED Gold Certification.

In accepting Greif’s award, Chief Sustainability Officer Scott Griffin said, “This recognition is another affirmation that we are addressing the Achilles’ heel of water distribution – the transport by a person from source to home.”

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Global Green USA also announced new initiatives to aid in relief after the storm.  In addition to Global Green USA’s continued focus on protecting coastal cities like NY from sea level rise by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, their plans post-Sandy include:

  • Solar for Sandy: Reaching out to solar manufacturers to donate solar PV panels and components for the Solar for Sandy initiative to help in the resilient rebuilding, with a goal of installing back-up solar systems on schools, women’s shelters, and community centers in each devastated neighborhood to provide light, cell phone-charging, and other needs.
  • Search for Citizen Sandy: Calling upon individuals in devastated communities to submit their green rebuilding ideas for the next Citizen Entrepreneur Challenge: Citizen Sandy – Global Green USA will provide seed funding and our technical expertise to the winning project, and finalists.
  • Greening Schools and Neighborhoods: Taking their leadership and expertise to the planning level to look at infrastructure and how neighborhoods can come back stronger than ever with a call for proposals — funded by the EPA — from devastated cities and boroughs.



About Global Green, USA

Global Green USA – the American arm of President Gorbachev’s Green Cross International – was founded in 1993, and is a national leader in advocating for smart solutions to climate change that benefit humanity by saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, improving health, creating green jobs, and securing a more sustainable future. For nearly 20 years, Global Green USA has greened nearly $20 billion in new school and affordable housing construction; authored multiple state and national laws and policies on green building, climate change and energy-efficiency; and responded to environmental disasters from hurricanes, to chemical weapons dumping, to sea level rise and the melting of the poles. Global Green USA is the only national environmental group headquartered in Southern California and has offices in New Orleans and Washington, D.C.

The Sustainable Design Awards were established in 1999 to recognize specific advancements in industry, building, media, organizations, and public policy. Whether they are helping to protect our air and water, eliminating weapons of mass destruction, stemming climate change, or raising the consciousness of millions, the ‘designs’ of these leaders — who were bold and courageous enough to undertake these acts or commitments deserve to be applauded and celebrated to inspire and encourage others. They are held annually in New York.  For more information, please visit www.globalgreen.org/nyawards

About Greif, Inc.

Greif, Inc., a leading global industrial packaging manufacturer, has a long-term commitment to creating and engaging in sustainable business practices and supporting humanitarian relief efforts. Greif has invested in manufacturing process improvements that reduce waste, energy and water use. For information about Greif’s sustainability achievements, see www.greif.com/sustainability.

About Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler is a Tony Award-winning playwright, performer, and activist, and author of “The Vagina Monologues,” which has been translated into more than 48 languages and performed in more than 140 countries. “The Vagina Monologues” inspired Ensler to create V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. In late 2010, V-Day’s City of Joy facility was opened in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), to provide support and opportunities for female survivors of sexual violence.  www.vday.org

About Rudin Management Co.

The Rudin Family’s real estate holdings rank as one of the largest and most respected privately owned portfolios in the city. The fact that Rudin builds, owns, leases and manages its buildings attracts many of New York’s most prestigious residents. www.rudin.com

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