5 Neighborhoods to Check Out: Real Estate Listings in Toronto


There’s no doubt that Toronto is a fun place to live in. It offers numerous employment opportunities, and the diverse cultural landscape offers exciting adventures and experiences. But if you’re browsing real estate listings in Toronto, you have to know that some communities in this city are simply better than others.

So which of these communities offer the right mix of consumer amenities, beautiful architecture, and cool urban chic? For many millennials and young adults, these are the hippest neighborhoods you should consider:


Parkdale is found inside and just south of the west end of Toronto, and for many millennials it offers a freshly cool section of the city. Many here have moved away from the more commercial Queen West area to get some peace and quiet, and you’ll get that with the nice sense of nature offered by the numerous small parks and mature trees that line the streets.

But that’s not to say that it’s boring here, you can find the enclaves of people from West India, North Africa, and Tibet. You’ll have lots of fun times with the bars and restaurants in the area, while you can also shop among the fabric, furniture, and vintage fashion stores. You’re still close to the downtown area, but you’ll be far enough away from the overflowing subways and busy streets.

The Junction

This neighborhood gets its name due to its proximity to the West Toronto Diamond, which is a junction of 4 railway lines. This used to be an industrial manufacturing community, and its architecture remains largely the same. But you will also see plenty of gourmet coffee shops and fusion restaurants in the area, to serve the needs of the young adults who are flocking to this exciting new neighborhood.

Kensington Market

Are you a fan of incense? If that’s the case, you’ll love living in Kensington Market. It’s one of the ultimate hip hotspots in the whole city, and the residents here are proud of their quirkiness. You’ve got vintage hipster shops, fantastic restaurants for various ethnic dishes, quaint markets for veggies and fruits, and along with dive bars and cool coffee shops. Here’s where you will find China town if you’re in the mood for adventure in your grocery shopping.

Church and Wellesley

No list of cool Toronto hangouts will be complete without the LGBTQ-enclave known as the Village in Church and Wellesley. As you can expect, the people here are more than just tolerant. They’re downright very welcoming and super-friendly. The outgoing people also help keep the nightlife exciting and exceptional. It’s so busy here that it seems like every night there’s some sort of event going on. This is the place you’ll want to live in if you have a boredom phobia.


For some people, the coolest neighborhoods are those where you can take a deep breath and relax, even while you’re not all that far away from urban conveniences. By that definition, Harbourfront is certainly among the coolest sections of Toronto. You can take a quiet walk at any time, and the view of the nearby lake can really reduce your stress levels.

However, you’re also close enough to from urban amenities so that you won’t feel deprived. The downtown area is only a 10-minute walk away. There are various transport stations right there, while the Billy Bishop Airport is also close by.

These are just 5 of the cooler places to live in if you’re thinking about staying in Toronto. Of course, this is by no means a complete list—plenty of other neighborhoods have residents who claim that their areas are the best place to live.

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