5 Signs You Have Bad Air Quality in Your Home

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No one wants to live in a home where the indoor air quality is poor. But like many things that develop over time, the quality might have dropped so gradually that it has been difficult to notice. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to stay indoors and off the streets, for a few with really bad indoor air quality, it was like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. A stagnant small is only a slight issue brought about by poor air quality, as ill-health and structural damage are also symptoms that something needs to be done.

There are plenty of causes for it, but likewise, there are many solutions too. As poor air quality in the home can sneak up on you, here are 5 signs that will show you that some changes are necessary.

1. Too Much Cleaning

Bad Air Quality

Surprisingly, not all bad air quality results from a lack of cleanliness and in actuality can be caused by the opposite. Pollutants from carpet cleaners, surface cleaners, and utility cleaners, amongst others, are all contributors to poorer indoor air. This is because they usually come in the form of spray bottles that release particles into the air when used. Although the majority of the spray contents end up on the surface, the microscopic particles that don’t end up in the room’s atmosphere and breathed in by occupants. These can then react badly within that person’s lungs, leading to potentially harmful consequences.

2. Humidity


In climates where the temperature never really lowers towards anything remotely freezing, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the humidity levels. One of the symptoms of bad air quality is how humid the environment is. You’ll be able to tell if the air is too humid as it will take on a heavy, warm feeling and if you overheat, you’ll tend to sweat.

Humidity can lead to other issues such as damp, mold, problems with the windows and decor, or more general problems like difficulty in sleeping. Humid air is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and the temperature within the home has to be combatant against them all year round. Once the humidity levels rise above 60%, the air quality plummets which the bacterial multiplication fires upwards. If you have members of the family (particularly children) with lower immune systems, then this could be seriously detrimental to their health.

3. Damp and Mold

As previously noted, damp and mold are effects of bad air; particularly (but not limited to) humidity. However, poor ventilation when cooking, showering, or cleaning can also be factors that cause these horrible side effects. Damp, once it is set in, is a real pain to remove, and mold might not always fully go away. These can be particularly hazardous to one’s health so if you find you have a problem with either, it might be worth enlisting the help of a professional to get it removed.

4. Bad Habits


Whilst poor air quality can give way to factors that then cause further health issues for men and women (particularly of a respiratory sort), there are still some contributions that people make directly to the air that diminishes its quality. Smoking and vaping indoors is not good for the body anyway, but nor is it good for the people around you and the indoor air. As well as avoiding problems with the paintwork, smoking outdoors is better for everyone else in the family, as they can’t breathe in the passive smoke. You don’t have to kick the habit, but you don’t have to make others indulge in it either. If you are looking to kick the habit and increase your fitness at the same time, instead of going outside to smoke; go for a run instead, or set up a mini gym in your yard.

5. Rising Bills

One of the most obvious signs of poorer air quality is when it hits you in the wallet. Rising energy costs, decoration budgets, and medical bills are all signs that something must be fundamentally wrong in the home. It might be worth checking the air quality first, and seeing if any appliances are working overtime to keep the air clear. If they are, look to what is causing that in the first place. You may end up healthier and richer as a result.

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