6 Bathroom Upgrades to Consider Making This Year

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Are you considering some updates to your bathroom this year? From smart technology to alternative ways of doing things like cleaning up after yourself, there are many ways to upgrade the look and function of your bathrooms with little cost. Here are six ideas for updating your washroom that might be right for you!

1. Replace your shower curtain with a glass enclosure for a more modern look

Adding a glass enclosure to your shower is a great way to spruce up the space. Glass enclosures are trendy and aesthetically pleasing, plus they allow more light into the room. Additionally, this enables you to easily wipe down surfaces after use since it’s not easy for grime and dirt from the outside world to accumulate on the glass. This gives you more time to relax in your shower without worrying about cleaning.

2. Add new light fixtures to the bathroom, especially over the vanity and in the shower

Lighting is another great way to spruce up your washroom. New lighting can really brighten things up while also making it feel more spacious and open. Consider adding new light fixtures over the vanity and in the shower. There are many different types of lighting available, such as LED lights that can change colors for a fun effect!

3. Add in a walk-in bathtub

Upgrade your bathroom with a walk in bathtub.

Adding a walk-in bathtub to your bathroom is great for those who love soaking or who want an extra bathing space for guests. Walk-in bathtubs are modern and chic, like the glass enclosure shower above, but they offer even more benefits. Many of them come with seats or zero-entry sides which make getting in and out much easier than a traditional tub would be. Additionally, many of these types of tubs provide great therapeutic benefits to those who use them, which can benefit those suffering from arthritis, back pain issues, or other conditions.

4. Install a bidet as an alternative to toilet paper for those who are looking for ways to go green

Install a bidet in your bathroom!

If you’re looking for a way to cut the amount of waste you create and help the environment, installing a bidet is a great idea. Running water from a faucet is more efficient than using multiple sheets of toilet paper to clean oneself. In fact, some studies have found that as little as one square of TP can be used to adequately clean oneself after going to the bathroom, which means you’re wasting a lot more paper than necessary with every bathroom visit! With a bidet, you’re simply using water to rinse your body. Bidets come in many different types for different budgets.

5. Add in some smart bathroom tech

Smart technology is everywhere these days – why not add it to your washroom? There are many different types of smart devices you can install to make your bathroom smarter, but some popular choices are smart thermometers, bidets that can automatically adjust settings depending on who is using it, lockers for the shower so you don’t have to bring a towel or change of clothes with you when you go in, and faucets that will turn off once they sense no one is touching them. Together, these smart bathroom updates can help to keep your shower as well as the water running through it as efficient as possible!

6. Update the faucets and add some decorative touches like towel bars or hooks on the wall near sinks

Last but not least, updating your faucets can really make a big difference in how nice your bathroom looks. Faucets come in all different styles and colors, so make sure you choose something that truly reflects your personality. Additionally, adding decorative touches like towel bars or hooks on the wall near sinks will help to keep things looking tidy!


Upgrading your bathroom can really make it feel like a spa retreat! With these six upgrades, you’ll be able to make this dream a reality.

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