A Must Consider Factors When Choosing an Efficient Coworking Space

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Up until 2005, you needed to rent an office space where you could work without distraction. Thanks to the evolution of working space that has since changed, you can share a working space with like-minded individuals. This trend spreads like wildfire, with Statista estimating that coworking spaces will reach close to 26,000 by 2025. Famed for their increased productivity, flexible work schedule, creativity boost, and networking, you need to choose one carefully. How can you achieve this? You need to consider some factors during your search and selection process. The following are the essential ones: 


When starting a business doing away with expenditures like office space for rent is welcomed. Luckily with coworking space, you can consider your budget and choose appropriately. This arrangement has flexible payment plans that can be a breather if operating on a shoestring budget. You can find the ones charging per hour, day, or after a whole month. Furthermore, some offer trial periods that enable you to test the viability before investing in the office space. It will help if you choose the cheapest, provided you are comfortable and saving in the long run.


Location is an essential factor for coworking space efficiency. You will need a coworking space in a location where you spend less time commuting. It will be best to keep your search locally when looking for a coworking space. For instance, you could use a search term like coworking space in Chicago to get results for the specific geographical area. Furthermore, the location should be near places like restaurants to save you from spending more time fixing something to eat when the need arises.

Type of space

It would also help to consider the types of coworking spaces available when choosing the shared office facility. This is because it will primarily affect your output. For example, there are different types like the office, which combines coffee shops, working spaces, and creative spaces. In this arrangement, you can work alongside others in the same line of work for creative endeavors. Alternatively, you can go for the assigned or dedicated desk where you have the security of your desk, filing cabinet, and chair. And still, you can share the office space with other professionals and Flexi desks. The latter entails using the same desk at different times on an ad hoc basis. The office type you go for will depend on your personality and need.


The type of community in the coworking space also matters a lot. As an example, if you are a digital nomad or an entrepreneur, you will want to be around people who understand the journey in that line of work and its challenges. You can share news, insights, and workstation arrangements like a hot desk office because you use the same equipment. It would be best to ask the type of professionals in a coworking space during your trials or when signing up to know if it’s a great fit.


Often, the reason for moving to work in a shared office is to escape the distraction that comes with working at home. However, you can find yourself in a far worse situation with a coworking space with an unconducive environment. It would be best to visit the coworking space facility to determine if it’s your ideal working environment. You should also assess things like loud giggling gossip and the features of its furniture. An efficient coworking space should have ergonomic furniture like standing desks and beanbags that you can use.

Ease of access

Ease of access is another equally important factor that you should consider. This refers to the means of reaching the workstation, and it helps to go to facilities that are easily accessible when looking for coworking space in Chicago. The shared offices should be where you won’t spend a lot of your time stuck in traffic jams during rush hour. This location should also be easily accessible to your clients if your line of work needs them to visit you.

Amenities and perks

You need an office with amenities like security, power backup, a fast Internet connection, and parking for efficiency. You should go for a coworking space instead of an office space for rent. Most coworking spaces have these amenities, and you get billed as per your agreement. So, ensure that the facility you are settling for all the essential amenities and perks in your search. 

Currently, coworking spaces are gaining popularity due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, there are some factors that you should consider when choosing to get the right one. For instance, depending on the nature of your work, you will have to consider the types of coworking spaces available before settling for one. If your job needs privacy or focus, it would be best to use an arrangement like a dedicated desk where you can focus on your distinct task. However, if it involves a lot of creativity, a hot desk office where you can share with other professionals will fit you best.

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