Advantage Realty Services, Inc Launches Campaign to Educate Homeowners On Using Flat Fee Listing and Discount Brokers to Save Thousands of Dollars


Advantage Realty Services, Inc provides a fee for service or flat fee service. With its new campaign designed to educate the public on the benefits of using a discount broker like themselves, the company allows people to save thousands of dollars on the sale of their home over traditional broker costs.

(PRWEB) November 27, 2007 — Advantage Realty Services, Inc ( has developed a website and service that allows homeowners to use future technology and sales methods to sell their home today. Using a flat fee service, homeowners are able to get incredible marketing exposure for their property at a very low cost. Soon, this new method of selling homes will be the standard as more and more homeowners pull away from costly and inefficient commission based systems.

A fee for service method, as provided by Advantage Realty Services, Inc allows for homeowners to get a large amount of exposure to their property, even more so then using a full-fledged service such as a real estate agent. The difference is the price, which is a very small, onetime fee charged by the discount broker. This allows the homeowner to save nearly all of the money that would have been paid to a real estate agent. In some situations, these figures are as high as $30,000 in savings.

Through there discount broker service, Advantage Realty Services, Inc provides effective marketing tools and support throughout the home selling experience without the additional costs of a listing commission added.

Mr. H. Clayton Adams, broker with Advantage Realty Services, Inc says, “A paradigm shift is beginning to move away from the traditional brokerage model. Fee for service will eventually be the chosen method of buying and selling real estate for the consumer. The fact is those homeowners are losing thousands of dollars with the current real estate brokerage model. We allow our homeowners to sell their home for far less with just as much or more exposure.”

Satisfied homeowners are saving thousands with Advantage Realty Service, Inc’s flat fee service while maintaining their status as For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Two of them are Croswell and Nina Roberson from Raleigh, NC. They say, “This year we sold our property as a flat fee listing through Advantage Reality. We saved over $17,000 in commissions using the flat fee MLS service.”

Those looking to sell their home will benefit outright by working with a discount broker like Advantage Realty Service, Inc. They provide the ease of using technology to help schedule showings, get more exposure, and to help making the selling process more effective for FSBO sellers. Buyers have instant access to all of the information they need to visit and then to buy. All is done right on the web.

About: Advantage Realty Service, Inc ( founded in 2004 in Raleigh, NC provides fee for service and flat fee marketing solutions to real estate sellers. In addition, they provide vacation rental management for luxury coastal properties located in North Carolina and South Carolina.

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