Aluminium vs Wooden Windows – Which One To Go For

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When it comes to building windows for houses, we all look for classy and effective ones that will suit things right. Now, there are many materials on which we can rely and opt for in different ways. However, not all kinds are highly effective, even if they come under a cost-effective budget. In most of the cases, the cost-effective materials aren’t highly effective. For these reasons, choosing windows from a high quality aluminium suppliers is vital.

Wooden windows are selected to suit with classic styles so that a vintage style can be brought up. But, wooden windows are not durable for a more extended period. During rainy seasons, the wood widens up due to imbibition, which is why aluminium windows are selected everywhere. In this article, we will focus on distinguishing these two options for windows.

Size retention

Aluminium is the 3rd most common element on Earth. It is said to be a green material because it can be preserved without retaining or altering its properties.

Due to temperature fluctuations, the temperature increases and widens the size of the window, especially during the summer months. Aluminium, thus, retains the properties of expansion and it stays in exact shape and size over the years, unlike wooden windows that disorient due to moisture. Also, the robustness of aluminium over wood allows entering natural light as much as possible in its purest form.

Flammability and security

In case of fire accidents, aluminium windows can absorb heat and be retained from melting by fire. It requires 660 degrees Celsius to melt or burn down. By that time it reaches its melting point, the fire loses its power without giving out any flammable, toxic gases. Wooden ones, on the flip side, will end up acting as a fuel. This means aluminium can be viably incorporated in the areas where fire safety is an imperative aspect.

Aluminium windows provide high security to the home due to its robust material strength, which is noticeable more than wood. The construction of aluminium windows instils a secure framework, which does not let intruders get in from windows. However, you must be proactive about narrowing down to a reliable provider so that the material quality doesn’t get compromised.

Thermal insulation

A wooden window will fail at preventing the rooms from getting affected by undesired temperatures. An aluminium one, on the other hand, will ensure to keep the room temperatures even. It prevents the harsh cold winds of winters from entering and absorbs the heat rays during summers into the rooms of the house by stabilising the room temperature.

Previously it has been said that aluminium window fails to provide proper insulation for soundproofing. But now, with the advancement of technology and increased usage of recycling, manufacturers have led to the use of aluminium windows widely. Aluminium frames are enhanced with insulation polyamides during construction. The polyamides offer high insulation, which spreads passively to other buildings with or without zero consumption.


Aluminium windows turn out to be soundproof because it avoids the noises from external sources, which are prevalent in urban areas. For such cases, triple glazed aluminium window options are used as they provide efficient soundproofing and better than that of the simple glass panel. You can readily find a myriad of options in the marketplace when it comes to catering to your soundproofing requirements.

Wooden windows mostly fail at soundproofing, which is why you must invest your bucks wisely if this is a primary requirement for your installation plan. More so, you must remain mindful of the assessment of the installation area before taking the plunge. This means all the incorporated elements need to be evaluated, along with dawning on the level of soundproofing you require.

Takeaway – Which one to choose out of aluminium and wooden windows?

Now that you’ve actively gone through numerous underlying factors that differentiate these two materials, it becomes vital to take an informed decision. Both of these window options are prevalent because of their individual use cases. Thus, it entirely comes down to your preferences and budget when you’re scouring for a feasible material for your window installation.

While at it, be assured that you’ve not left any aspect unattended so that the handpicked material can viably serve its purpose. Wood can be a handy option when you’re not too stressed about a fire situation. Aluminium ones, on the other hand, will be your best bet when you want additional advantages at an evidently increased investment.

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