Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on your Home

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Installing Solar Panels
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Are you tired of finding ways to reduce your electricity bills? Dreading to find stacks of fat utility invoices on your doorstep yet again; when you are still waiting on your paycheck? Being a responsible adult and taking care of family, trudging through multiple jobs, and later draining three-quarters of your salary on taxes and utility bills. If you are drowning in similar issues, then you’ve officially made it to the grownup struggles. So, start collecting your lemons, make a big pitcher of lemonade, and brace for life.

We live in times where life has become unimaginable without electricity. We power home appliances with electricity- induction stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens. The majority of us can’t even work without laptops and mobile phones. The 2019 pandemic even managed to make education, businesses and, daily chores go fully digital.

We consume electricity for air conditioners, room heater, water heater, lights, fans, and we are sure you got the gist. Electricity has become irreplaceable and a strain on our bank accounts. What you need is a cheaper electricity source for the optimal utilization of your resources and budget.

For that purpose, let us remind you of a highly efficient way to satisfy your electrical needs; that most of us have been sleeping on. Solar energy converted to electric energy to power appliances and other essentials is an idea that has been raved about for decades. Fortunately, with the increased demand in power supply and people recognizing the need to utilize alternate renewable options, solar systems have gotten considerably cheaper and easily accessible.

Solar panels come in great variety from the material, make, and panel sizes. Check out small solar panels for residential purposes and bigger ones for commercial use, or any possible combination according to your needs. Keep on reading how installing solar systems can loosen up some load on your wallet. However, before we list the benefits- let us quickly find out how it works without getting too technical.

What are Solar Panels, and how do they work?

Solar Panels are large metallic beds containing numerous small photovoltaic cells (these cells can convert sunlight to electricity). They are most often made of silicon and catch light from the sun to generate an electric current.

The electricity produced flows through the conducting wires into an AC converter. AC converters help to convert DC to AC, on which our home appliances work. AC flows into your breaker box and the utility grid to light up your house.

The solar panel then works to produce an excess current which neither costs you an extra dime nor gets wasted. Instead, it gets stored as supplement electricity and smooths out any fluctuations that may arise on a cloudy day! And best of all, if the sun shines too bright in your area.

Now, let’s look at some great benefits you could be missing out on if you haven’t gone solar yet.

  1. Save money on Utilities.

One of the main reasons more people opt for a residential solar unit is to cut out utility bills. Plenty of researches and surveys conducted throughout the years on the efficacy of solar panels show that you can save up to 80-90% on your utility bills! Once you get the home solar system installed, you’ll notice a significant drop in that hefty electricity bill of yours.

It allows you to save up on lots of money or spend it on other needs and priorities. The upfront cost and installation of the home solar systems could make you hesitate. However, solar panels are one-time investments. You will be required to pay a large sum during the purchase. But you can’t deny the long-term benefits that you will be enjoying.

Furthermore, suppose you have an off-grid system or can quickly ditch the local grid lines. In that case, solar panels can even eliminate your monthly electricity bill!

  1. Go Green- contribute towards a better environment.

Traditional electricity generation relies heavily on non-renewable forms of natural resources like coal, oil, and gas. Mass electricity production is more convenient through the use of fossil fuels. However, with an increased demand for electricity usage, these natural resources are rapidly being consumed; ultimately, depleting our natural reserves.

It is making an irreplaceable dent in renewable resources and detrimental to the atmosphere you live in. Electricity generated through coal, oil and gas release toxic fumes, cause water and air contamination. They are also significant contributors to global warming.

While the sun rises every day to replenish and provide us with an uninterrupted energy source, utilizing this renewable resource would be your first step in creating a cleaner environment since it does involve any form of toxic emission.

  1. Give a boost to your property value.

Make your home energy efficient and add to the property value. Did you know that just a single addition of a home solar system to your rooftops can increase your property value by 3-4%!

Remember, people are more aware of eco-friendly products and, property buyers are looking for modern and smart houses. You get to save money and enjoy a better price if you plan to resell your home anytime. This way, you can recover your purchase and installation costs in the turn of such events and enjoy a profit surplus. A lived-in space always requires repairs and renovations; try improving your home by installing solar panels this time.

  1. Easy to Install

Wondering how much effort and money it would cost to set up the solar panels? Don’t let that stop you from investing in it. Solar panels are surprisingly simple and easy to install. You can even set them up yourself. There are tons of guides and video tutorials online to walk you through the steps. Your rooftops have the most accessible access to sunlight so lay your panels down there for efficient use.

Another huge benefit is that they are usable in remote areas and villages lacking proper resources- where setting up grid lines can be difficult and expensive.

Renewable energy is the future!

For centuries, people have taken Mother Nature for granted. Carelessly depleted its natural resources and obliviously setting themselves back in the process. But not anymore! The world is now appreciating the need to produce, reuse and recycle our limited energy resources. The focus has been shifted to sustainable and efficient energy reserves to increase the longevity of human life and its comfort.

The efficient harnessing of solar energy is a step towards a better future. It is impossible to deny and reason the ultimate benefits that solar systems can bring you. Invest in your solar systems today for a better lifestyle.

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