Best Apps for Real Estate Agents and Agencies 2020

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Name a business and you will find several relevant apps in the play store that can be useful for your business. The same is the case with the real estate business. Some apps make that tasks of real estate agents and agencies simple and easy. These apps are effective and efficient for both sellers and buyers.

As life has become easier due to advancements in technology, it is important to know recent apps for every major aspect of your life, from good apps for getting custom term paper writing services to the best best apps for real estate agents. Here are some of the apps we have listed down with a brief overview of each app.


Redfin covers 83 major markets of the United States real estate business and one of the major applications for home buyers and real estate agents. It is one of the best apps that has a combination of both technology and services for agents. They can find the homes available for selling and potential buyers. The specialization of this app is in updating listings and efficiency.

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find the age, style, and last sale price of a home, size of the plot, home condition, and the number of bathrooms and beds, and many other things.

Redfin allows potential buyers to take a virtual home tour and decide accordingly. You, as a real estate agent, can also book a direct appointment with potential sellers and buyers. A Survey of each client is done and based on that a suitable real estate agent is provided for better customer satisfaction transparency.


Lovely is a free iOS app that covers most of the areas in the United States. This app is specifically designed for real estate agents and uses data provided by public data aggregators such as internet listing services, craigslist, and different property management firms and other platforms.

A person looking out to rent a home or home can also use this app. This app is available via both web and mobile phones with the option of synchronization of all your accounts properly.

It has a much better design as compare to Craigslist that is clean and modern. You can find out if the home is pet friendly or not. You have the option to set alerts if there is a property in the market that matches your requirement.

PDFelement for Business:

One of the best smartphone apps, designed for real estate agents, is the mobile version of PDFelement is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a desktop app with all features available that allow your workflow to be streamlined with improved efficiency.

One of the notable features of this app is the option to annotate and edit any document you want. You can emphasize important documents by using comments, notes, and highlights. It also allows you to convert a file into an editable and searchable PDF file. You can also protect your documents with encryption and passwords.

Send your lease documents for signing to the clients through this app and track the progress as well.

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