Best Upgrades When Building a New Home

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New construction may be the most viable option for many homebuyers as low housing inventory continues to be an issue throughout the country. Although you might have to wait longer when building a new home to move into it, there are a lot of benefits to new home construction. You can pick the lot you want, customize the inside to your taste, and avoid the repair and maintenance surprises of buying an older house. However, if you aren’t careful with your additions, a brand-new construction project can quickly balloon in expense. It’s essential to recognize which renovations add value to a property and which should be skipped during building.

Even if the home’s base price is within your budget, the cost of adding the features you want might skyrocket in a hurry. Remember that your mortgage and taxes will go up per the increased value of the home that results from your upgrades. You can intentionally spend less money by declining as many upgrades as feasible. If you have the means to do the work after closing on the house, you can get the best of both worlds. However, some enhancements are simpler and cheaper to implement during construction and should be prioritized; consult with our realtors in Atlanta, GA. This list of house improvements will help you prioritize which ones to implement right now and which can wait.

Here are some top upgrades for your home

1) Wooden flooring

Except for the kitchen, bathrooms, entryway, and corridors, carpet is often installed throughout the home. One popular flooring installation trend is using hardwood or laminate throughout the first level. After move-in, removing carpeting and matching the existing floors can be challenging because the floors’ colour will likely have faded from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Re-staining the entire floor may be necessary if you’re working with hardwood and want to ensure a flawless match. The colour of your laminate or engineered hardwood may vary somewhat from the batch used to install it. The disruption caused by flooring replacement can make day-to-day life challenging for residents until the work is finished. Ultimately, you can save unnecessary hassle by replacing the carpet with a single style of flooring. In addition, this is a quick return on investment compared to other house improvements.

  1. Plumbing roughed in

Make sure you budget for roughed-in plumbing if you plan on adding a bathroom to your house. Both money and effort will be spared. Adding plumbing in a basement by drilling through concrete doesn’t sound simple or inexpensive, and it isn’t! If you plan on installing a bathroom in your new addition, you should budget for roughed-in plumbing.

  1. Electrical

Any further electrical work, like roughed-in plumbing, will be much simpler to install once the walls are down to the studs. Plan to save time and money when installing new equipment like a double oven, towel warmer, or running wire for in-wall speakers.

Sufficient in-wall and in-floor electrical systems are a game-changer regarding new buildings’ value-added enhancements. You’ll have more flexibility in arranging furniture without distracting extension wires and access to cutting-edge technology if more outlets are available in a given space. Even if technology is progressing at the speed of light, a home with adequate outlets in convenient locations will always be more desirable to potential buyers.

  1. The tiling in the master bath

Regarding renovations, tiling is where you’ll see the most bang for your buck. It’s easy to rack up a hefty bill when renovating the flooring and walls of your bathroom. If you’re trying to save money, it makes sense to go with the basics in all bathrooms other than the master. Tile floors can be staggered to provide the impression of a more expensive floor without the associated cost. The main bathroom should have a little more flair. We recommend replacing the floor with large-format tiling and incorporating a focal point into the bathroom’s shower or tub area. A mosaic glass tile cascade, border, or inset shelf are all viable options.

  1. Radiant floor heating

Putting in radiant floor heating while redoing your bathroom’s tiling is an excellent way to boost your home’s resale value. Putting off installing a floor heating system is a bad idea because it necessitates tearing up the flooring. An in-floor heating system is a cost-effective way to improve the quality of your new bathroom and the overall comfort and luxury of your home.

Proper electrical wiring in the walls is essential if you plan to put a towel warmer in the primary bathroom. There is a wide variety of towel warmers to choose from. Metal finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze, gold, and matte black, have just been available, allowing you to take your look to the next level. As was previously noted, having an electrician install an electrical box during construction is your best bet for a hardwired alternative with concealed wiring.

A heated garage is a fantastic value-added new building enhancement that should be considered during planning. A heating cable can be embedded in the concrete before it is constructed to keep your garage toasty over the cold winter months. In addition, if you have a dwelling above your garage, heating the garage will be especially useful for keeping the living space there at a suitable temperature.

In conclusion, it’s best to put money into modifications that increase the home’s resale value and quality of life while constructing a new one. It’s tempting to make many improvements, but you should weigh the long-term benefits against the price of each one. Investing in high-quality tiling and design elements for the primary bathroom, considering radiant floor heating for added comfort and resale value, and going with wood flooring throughout the main level are all excellent upgrades to think about. Considering these updates thoroughly during construction will help you save time, money, and trouble in the long run. Your new home’s practicality, attractiveness, and resale value will all benefit from your thoughtful selection of modifications. SA

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