Consider These 5 Locations to Relocate Your Business

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The grass on the other side looks greener every year for entrepreneurs. Change of location is one of the most promising paths to business growth. You may want to shift cities because you need more space, are located in an area headed downhill, or are just looking for an upgrade. According to the US Census Bureau more than 40 million Americans relocate each year.

It can be difficult to move your business to another city. But, the wide range of benefits on offer often outweighs the limitations. However, you need to make sure the city you are moving to is conducive to your business growth plan. It should also have the kind of commercial real estate you are hoping for.

  1. Affordable Commercial Real Estate in Washington State

Every city in the US wants to think they offer the best commercial real estate listings. And many of them actually do. However, nothing beats commercial real estate Washington State when it comes to finding something that is affordable, functional, and exactly what you need for your business.

Other reasons to relocate to the state are business friendly policies and a terrific workforce. Washington State is great to work and live in. This is probably why several businesses that are household names have opened their offices and facilities here. Thousands of people relocate to Washington State every year because of increasing opportunities. 

  1. Burgeoning Scene of Startups at Austin, Texas

Austin has developed quite the reputation as the go-to spot for startup companies. This is partly due to affordable inner-city commercial property costs but, also because of a fun and unique culture of food, music, and design. The state capital has experienced a nationwide surge in business relocations.

The fact that Austin has an established community of several popular brands only makes it a friendlier option for businesses looking to relocate. Another major factor is the beautiful array of natural sights that surrounds the city. It’s the perfect affordable opportunity for employee off-site recreation.

  1. Tap into a Growing Population at Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has a roaring economy that has fueled its population growth. There are several companies that have already relocated their headquarters to Nashville because of real estate space and affordable listings. You will find the city a more affordable option as compared to others if you are an entrepreneur looking to reignite your business.

  1. Capitalize On Tax Incentives in Salt Lake City, Utah

Several companies are flocking to “Silicon Slopes” or Salt Lake City to capitalize on million dollars’ worth tax incentives. The thriving and affordable downtown urban infrastructure doesn’t hurt either. The city has a tight-knit supportive community with no shortage of skilled workers.

Salt Lake City government has started various initiatives to help small and large businesses pave their path to success. This is from affordable real estate opportunities to tax incentives. You are sure to receive a solid return on investment by making high profits that are offset by low cost of living.

  1. Become Part of the Mass Migration to Dallas, Texas

Hundreds of companies from the Bay Area have migrated to Dallas for significantly cheaper commercial real estate. In fact, the North Texas city is cheaper than most metros without lacking access to mass transit, talent, media, and other necessities for a business to thrive.

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