Could You Use New Residential Windows? The Answer is Yes!

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Nothing lasts forever. That includes residential windows. Even the best eventually need replacing. That’s why it pays to contact Canadian Choice windows and other top window companies in Vancouver when you notice that the windows aren’t providing the same degree of function as in the past. If any of the following applies to your windows, making a call today is the smart move to make.

Some Windows Won’t Open

Try as you might, there are a few windows that resist every effort to open one or more of the sashes. It’s not because they’re painted shut. The problem is the sashes are warped with age and simply won’t budge.

That means letting fresh air into certain areas of the home is out of the question. Once you choose to replace all the old windows, that changes. You’ll be able to let as much or as little fresh air in every room as you like.

Some Won’t Stay Open

Maybe opening a sash isn’t the problem. Instead, keeping the sash open is difficult. Unless you use something to prop it open, the sash will come crashing down without warning. Along with not being good for your nerves, those sudden crashes create more wear and tear on the windows.

By investing in new windows, this problem goes away too. Sashes can be opened to whatever degree that you like. Let it a little fresh air or open the windows wide to let a lot into the space. The sashes will stay put until you decide to close them.

Either Way You Feel a Breeze

Breezes are fine when you have the sashes open. Unfortunately, you have a steady breeze even with the sashes are closed. That makes it all the more difficult to keep the indoor temperature at a level you like.

Nothing will change until you replace those old windows. Once you do, the cracks and other problems that are letting air seep in around the window framing and sashes will be a thing of the past. Along with more control, you also end up enjoying lower heating and cooling costs.

They’re Not Helping the Home’s Curb Appeal

The thing about old windows is that they look old. No amount of paint will help them look like anything other than what they happen to be. Until you replace them, those aging windows will make the entire home look tired.

Once you do replace them, the change in the way the home looks will be instant. People who don’t know you replaced the windows will notice something’s different but won’t be exactly sure what you did. For your part, seeing how nice the house looks as you pull into the driveway will make you proud of the decision to invest in new windows.

Call a contractor today and arrange for a home inspection. Listen to the suggestions for new doors and windows carefully and be open to looking at different window styles. Once you make the selections, it won’t take long to get rid of the old windows and have the new ones in place.

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