4 Reasons Why Finishing and Renovating the Basement Makes Sense

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How well are you using every square foot of the home? While the main floor is laid out nicely and you make the most of it, there’s the basement to consider. Unlike other parts of the house, you haven’t done much with it other than use the basement for storage. By calling in a basement renovation contractor and having the space finished, you set the stage for making it an important element of the home. Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to make that call today.

Improving the Home’s Energy Efficiency

The basement may not be a space you give much thought. That’s why it never occurred to you that it may be affecting the ability to efficiently heat and cool the home. Unfinished basements let in more damp and cold air. The seepage can have an impact on how much energy it takes to maintain the proper temperature in the rest of the house.

Finishing includes installing insulation as well as waterproofing the walls and floor. Once the work is done, the basement no longer adversely affects energy consumption. Instead, it helps to lower the amount needed to heat and cool the rest of the house. That’s reason enough to renovate the basement even if you don’t see a specific use for it right now.

More Sleeping Space

One common function of finished basements is for sleeping space. While there are enough bedrooms for all the family members, what happens when relatives come to spend the weekend? Who has to give up a room and double up with a sibling? Does someone end up sleeping on the fold-out sofa in the den? That’s not what has to happen.

If you convert the finished basement into a guest room, everyone gets to sleep in comfortable spaces. Add in a small bathroom as part of the mix and no one has to wait for showers in the morning. Your family and your guests end up being a lot more comfortable.

Increasing the Value of Your Property

While you don’t plan on selling right now, life has a way of throwing curve balls now and then. A great job offer could come your way, one that means moving to a different city. It makes sense that you would want to get as much as possible for the place, since that would make it easier to purchase something suitable elsewhere.

Finished basements definitely have an impact on the market value of residential properties. This could be the one factor that motivates a buyer to choose your property over a similar one. Think of this as one more way to get more out of the investment after having enjoyed the basement yourself for a number of years.

Enjoying More Peace and Quiet

Have you ever wanted an inner sanctum where you could read, meditate, or just enjoy some peace and quiet? That’s difficult to do upstairs. By contrast, it’s possible to sound proof the basement so very little noise from elsewhere gets into the space. If you need some quiet space at the end of the day or just need quiet to work on a difficult project, the basement could become your sanctuary.

Are you ready to do something with the basement? Call today and find out what Penguin Basements renovation and finishing solutions can do for you. Once the work is completed, you’ll know that the time and expense was worth it.

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