Experts Reveal The Latest Real Estate Marketing Tactics For 2018


The real estate industry’s marketing tactics continue to evolve year after year. In order to be successful in a market, you can do the basics right. However, to be one of the best, you have to be ready to embrace change and opportunities. Realtors are constantly working with changing markets, zoning regulations, mortgage rates and client desires. Therefore, you should be working with the latest developments in real estate marketing. To put you on the edge of the industry practices, we covered what ideas experts are using to close more deals in 2018.

Keep The Conversation Going With Video

Videos are a time efficient way of keeping in touch with clients. The best realtors build relationships with clients in person and follow up with videos. As many millennials are entering the home buying market, a video reminds them of your personality and brand. It gives your clients another chance to interact with you, seeing who you are and how you can help them achieve their real estate goals. Moreover, each video can be used several times over, increasing how much time your clients “see” you. This marketing tactic makes them more comfortable with you and keeps the conversation going.

Actively Post Quality Content

Secondly, savvy realtors are posting more content to gain exposure. Using a website for small business, realtors can measure a direct return on their content engagement. This type of marketing has been taken to new frontiers as realtors are also posting content about local events, news and updates. This way, realtors can keep in touch with prospective clients even when they are not in the market to buy or sell a home. By posting content regularly, realtors are keeping in touch with a large base of potential clients in their area.

Implement A Real Estate CRM Solution

Building off of the digital marketing efforts, a real estate CRM solution can automate the management of new and existing leads. If you are receiving many new leads every week, a CRM system can streamline the process of setting appointments, creating reminders, sending follow up emails and categorizing your lead status. The level of organization offered by software is hard to match with manual efforts. Certainly, the right real estate technology solution can save you time and improve your marketing processes. As we continue onwards in 2018, more realtors are investing in the software to automate their lead management and marketing tasks.

Marketing Testimonials Instead Of Yourself

Additionally, experts recommend promoting your testimonials rather than yourself. Of course, you should always do the best you can to build rapport with customers. On top of that, use testimonials to build trust with clients. Many clients will check your reviews on your business website, local listings and real estate platforms. A series of five stars on Google or Zillow can make customers comfortable because they can read what others have to say. To stay ahead of the game, market testimonials to new, old and prospective clients. Ask for testimonials from your previous clients. Then, share those testimonials with your new and prospective clients. You can easily add a link to your reviews page. This will give you instant credibility and trust with many clients. Undoubtedly, the power of testimonials should not be overlooked in 2018.

Leveraging Digital Ads On Facebook

As Zillow and Facebook continue to collaborate, the targeting of ads for realtors will only continue to improve. Facebook is actively moving to engage in real estate listing for renting and buying. This could very much change how realtors buy ads on Facebook. For now, professionals are targeting users at the local and interest levels. They are allocating more of their marketing budgets to Facebook campaigns. These ad spends can be used for branding or property specific marketing purposes. Of course, reaching potential clients on Facebook could bring in many more leads for your business. In the future, we can continue to expect the targeting tools to help professionals contact individuals who are interested in real estate properties or geographic areas.

As the real estate market evolves, you can use these marketing tactics to take advantage of the new opportunities to attract clients. Start with making your own videos to share. Post your own content actively on a website. Automate how you manage and interact with leads. Then, show off your testimonials to reinforce your trust and experience. Furthermore, take advantage of the developing ad targeting between Facebook and Zillow. Implementing these strategies, you will be ready to stand out the current real estate market.

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