Five Real Estate Markets Expected To Appreciate Value In 2018


For the past 3 years, we have seen the rise of housing prices as it gets increasingly harder for buyers to find a bargain. Compared to the new ways of investing, real estate is traditional investing.If you are going to invest in real estate, it would be smart to look at some of the hottest housing markets in the nation. They have experienced continued growth, appreciating in real estate value consistently. This year, it doesn’t seem like these real estate markets are going to slow down any time soon.

Marietta, Georgia

Located just outside the city of Atlanta, Marietta is set for a growing real estate market. Combined with the economic growth of Atlanta in the past few years, property values are slowly rising and are speculated to be undervalued by 7% compared to historic prices. The growth of the city and surrounding areas could be a savvy real estate investment.

Tampa, Florida

Home of beautiful coast lines and views, Tampa also has one of the fastest growing economies in the United States. With the presence of many fortune 500 companies, there is plenty of demand for talent. The affordability factor at just $136,000 median sales price has driven population and equity growth over the past five years. If you would like to live and work in the sunshine state, Tampa property will continue warming up to a major economic metro area.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

There’s one key attribute offered by the Cedar Rapids market that others have a hard time matching, and that’s affordability. If you’re looking to buy a home in Cedar Rapids, you’ll enjoy a median home price of $170,000, and that’s a good deal less than the national median of $228,000. The real estate market in Cedar Rapids is also buoyed by the fact that the city is home to a higher-than-average number of employed millennials.

Be wary about farm country though. According to James Arenson, a negligent architect attorney serving Iowa and other Midwest areas states, “A negligent architect is capable of designing a significantly flawed building. Some defects in design may be apparent due to leaks, water accumulation, and cracking structure. Others represent more hidden and hazardous conditions, such as the building’s lack of structural integrity.”

St. Louis, Missouri

Described as one of the most “balanced” markets in the nation, St. Louis offers great value. You sell your house quickly to Klamen Real Estate and buy a bigger house to take advantage of the appreciating house values. Since the house sale median and appreciated values are slightly less than the national average, we may see increase appreciation in the coming years. If the city continues to attract new businesses for their young talent, the property values could rise much more significantly in the near future.

Seattle, Washington

Of course, Seattle continues to make all the top real estate market lists. The overwhelming presence of Microsoft, Google and Amazon dominate the demand for highly skilled talent, attracting IT professionals from around the United States. Their strong salaries have continued to pull median list prices upwards over 20% in recent years. To take advantage of the tech company’s finances, you might want to look into investing in the Seattle metro area.

All of these cities are great real estate markets to invest in. Some cities like St. Louis and Tampa have a little more upside potential because there are not as popular, yet. Although, there is tremendous value still to be had in Marietta, Denver and Seattle. With the right property, you could see your real estate value appreciate in 2018 and in years to come.

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