Glass Extension Ideas for Your Home

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Own real estate is excellent. It has a lot of advantages, even if you chose a house with an inconvenient layout or did not take everything into account during construction. That is why it’s a great option to make a glass extension or put an oriel window.

Bay Window or Glass Extension: How to Decide

There are different types of glass extensions. You can make a covered track, expand the kitchen, and make a glass cover. You can make a shed, porch, or summer lounge. All these options are quite expensive and time-consuming. You will need a lot of capital and time to find a construction team and build. 

A modern oriel window is the most straightforward and inexpensive solution for your home. If someone doesn’t know, the oriel window or bay/bow window is the original window that protrudes from the house’s frame.

Benefits and Features of Bay Windows

Of course, this is a very non-standard and original architectural solution. Oriel window details are made of sufficiently flexible metal-plastic and can be of different shapes: square, rounded, oval, etc. The main feature of such windows is that they protrude from the facade of the building. Why is this needed? 

  • You can make a mini-balcony on which you can place something extra
  • You can design a relaxing area: make a seat with pillows and a blanket
  • A place where you can plant flowers; you get a home greenhouse
  • Visual increase in space and the influx of new space
  • Aesthetic pleasure, unusual design

Bow Window Installation and Design Features

Oriel window construction details are very similar to ordinary metal-plastic windows. There is one significant difference – the presence of a bay window pipe. It is a connecting piece made of polyvinyl chloride. It provides for steel reinforcement, which allows it to withstand additional loads, and the sealing elements are responsible for insulation from the street. This is very important because bay windows are more influenced by natural factors: precipitation, wind, extreme weather. 

Oriel window cost can be more expensive than installing regular windows. Prices are closer to establishing a balcony. But this solution is much cheaper than redeveloping a building or installing a large indoor space.

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