Here’s Why You Need to Get an HVAC Inspection Before You Buy a Home

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When you’re trying to do right by your home, one of the best things you can do is take care of the heating and cooling system. Rather than only focusing on maintenance, you should also key in on the HVAC system while shopping around for a house.

HVAC Inspection

In doing this, you should get an HVAC inspection before buying any home that you’re interested in. Read on to learn why.

Why You Should Get an HVAC Inspection

Most people know to get a house inspection before making a purchase, but you should get an HVAC inspection that is entirely separate.

This inspection should be done by a licensed and insured HVAC contractor who knows the ins and outs of these systems. They will thoroughly look into the HVAC system before you sign on the dotted line for the home, and this can let you know whether or not it needs repairs.

Below are a few reasons you should hire an HVAC company to inspect your heating and cooling system before buying a home:

  1. The HVAC System Uses a Lot of Your Home’s Energy

Homeowners alone spend close to $30 billion each year in HVAC energy costs.

Since the HVAC uses so much of your home energy, you need to be certain that it is running optimally at all times. Taking these steps up front lets you know that every time your HVAC system is powered on, it is operating as effectively as it can.

  1. It Affects the Condition of Your Ducts

When your HVAC system is cared for, you will also know that your ventilation is clean and unclogged.

The HVAC technician will inspect the ducts themselves to make sure that they aren’t dirty and clogged, along with the HVAC system itself. Inspecting and making changes to these parts will help your system stay clean.

  1. Your Comfort Throughout the Seasons is Imperative

You’ll want to look after your heating and cooling system also since your comfort is so imperative.

It can be a rough summer and winter when you have an HVAC system that dies out on you. Taking the time to get the system inspected by an expert will ensure that you’re in a good position to stay comfortable.

  1. You’ll Need to Make Sure That It’s Not Leaking Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious threat to your health and safety if it isn’t checked.

As such, make sure that you hire a technician that can ensure that the home has a working carbon monoxide monitor and that your HVAC system isn’t leaking the gas. It’s important to leave this work to a credible HVAC company since carbon monoxide isn’t detectable to the eye or nose.

  1. HVAC Systems Breed Mold When They’re Not Well Kept

To get the most out of your HVAC system, it’s also important that you keep it leak-free and moisture-free. If it begins to leak, your heating and cooling system will start to breed mold, which can be dangerous and costly to your entire home.

Mold will keep spreading and its remediation will be an entire pricey bill within itself. Working with an HVAC technician that can inspect your system will decrease the likelihood that your home breeds mold.

  1. A Faulty HVAC System Affects Your Home’s Air Quality

When you have a house with an HVAC system that doesn’t work well, it can also degrade your home’s air quality.

This can make it difficult to spend time indoors if there are noxious smells or impurities that could potentially make you ill. An HVAC contractor will look into the air quality and the effect that the system is having on it so that you can keep the air clean inside of your household.

  1. Most Home Inspections Don’t Automatically Include an HVAC Check

It’s important that you get a separate HVAC inspection because many overall home inspections don’t include it.

The reason for this is that HVAC systems are fixtures of comfort and convenience, but you don’t absolutely need one to live inside a house. It is also much better to get a separate inspection because HVAC contractors are experts at these systems, rather than general contractors who might also know a thing or two about HVAC systems.

Getting this inspection could help you get any kind of repairs you need, and will let you know whether or not a new HVAC system installation is best.

  1. HVAC Systems are Expensive and Require a Lot of Care

Hiring HVAC professionals for inspections are also crucial since these systems are so potentially expensive.

Your overall HVAC performance will be less expensive for the long haul because you took these steps on the front end. Your HVAC professional can also put your system on a maintenance and care plan that will assist you in lowering your bills and improving the way that the heater and air conditioning operate.

Get the Inspection That You Need

If you are in the middle of a new home purchase, it’s important that you also take the time to get a separate HVAC inspection. As you can tell by the points above, this is the best course of action to take that will help you get what you need out of any home that you are buying.

Vet the experience of a few different HVAC companies in your area to learn more about what they can do for you.

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