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Got the keys to your dream house? Everyone wants to enjoy the comforts of luxurious and cozy homes. Some people think of it as a shelter or roof above their heads, but home is nothing less than a paradise for others. If you have found the perfect house, start preparing for your move-out journey and brace yourself to experience many emotions. After all, you will feel sad about leaving the old home and excited about moving to a new place.

Undoubtfully, the entire process can feel overwhelming. Alongside changing homes, you are starting a new chapter in your life. In the hassle of making everything perfect, many homeowners encounter staggering stress levels. From dismantling furniture, packing clothes, to moving out belongings – everything demands time and effort. It would be wise not to make the mistake of rushing over the process; otherwise, you will forget essential things.

Start planning for the move out the day right after you sign the house documents. If you are clueless about it, have a look below. Here we are unfolding seven ways to achieve a quick and proper move-out.

1. Book a Moving Company

Every homeowner prefers having control over things, rather than assigning to others. Unfortunately, you can’t do everything by yourself as it will only increase the burden on your shoulders. Imagine stuffing bulky furniture and tons of boxes in your car’s trunk. Sounds impossible, no? Hence, handover such tasks to professionals to ensure a smooth and timely move out journey. If you are in New Jersey, look for Local Moving Services NJ and book a moving company as soon as possible. It saves you from the trouble of surprises and costly mistakes.

2. Grab All Moving Supplies

When shifting to a new home, it is easy to overlook small details. Therefore, create a list of supplies you need for packing all the luggage. Otherwise, you will see yourself rushing to the stationary store for tapes and boxes. All essential moving supplies are;

  • Moving Boxes:Whether you are packing clothes or books, you have to carry everything in these boxes. Thus, make sure you have a handful of them in different sizes.
  • Stretch Plastic Sheet:If you plan to move the drawers as it is, consider wrapping them with plastic sheets.
  • Bubble Wrap:All fragile items need an extra layer of protection. Instead of stuffing décor with newspapers, use bubble wrap before putting inside the boxes.
  • Packaging Tape:It helps you secure the boxes properly. You can also put counter strips on the box’s side for extra support, ensuring it doesn’t break from any side.
  • Colorful Markers:Label the boxes with colorful markers and assign a color to every room, helping you differentiate packages.

3. Consolidate your Belongings

Drawers are full of accessories – hairbrush, straighteners, headbands, scrunchies, etc. Packing everything to unpack later is already a task, and taking care of small accessories only adds to the long to-do list. So, how about you leave them in drawers? Wrap the drawers in plastic to keep them from opening. It will secure your accessories while saving you from the trouble of unpacking.

While you are wrapping the drawers, consider doing the same for bookshelves. Cover all the small shelves and load them up in suitcases with wheels, making it easier to move. Ask the helpers to be careful with all these items, closing doors for any mismanagement of your belongings.

4. Pack Smartly

Are you packing in a rush? People usually end up stuffing everything inside the boxes, making your new place look all messy. Start packing beforehand and be smart about it. Here are some tips.

  • Use smaller boxes for heavy items – plates, decorative pieces, appliances. It ensures they are not heavy to carry. Similarly, use large boxes for lighter items – clothes, bedding, etc.
  • Pack all spices in the pots and cover it with the lid. If there is a spill, it won’t ruin any other belonging as it would fall inside the pot only.
  • Label all the boxes to avoid unnecessary searching. Be specific about the labels rather than writing a kitchen or bedroom; mention what is inside the box.
  • Please take pictures of all the electronics before unplugging them, so you know how to put the cords in your new place.
  • Put all the cutlery – spoons, knives, forks in clean socks, and pack it in a small box.

5. Transfer the Accounts

Alongside loads of packing, moving out involves a lot of paperwork. After signing all the legal documents, don’t forget to transfer the utilities and insurance to your new house. Similarly, you have to request banks and others to update their directories with your new address. You can mail to the US postal service at least one week before your move. It will ensure the bills and mail don’t get lost and reach your new house safely. Once you have settled in the new space, update the billing address, car registration, and driver’s license.

6. Create an Essentials Box

After stepping into the new house, everyone wants to relax and unwind before digging into the boxes. However, this won’t be possible without all the essentials. You will have to run by a grocery store to purchase toilet paper or other sanitary items. Therefore, create a separate box for the essential things you will need for the first couple of nights in the new house. You can put some clothes, a toothbrush, snacks, chargers, etc. If possible, transport it to the new home yourself instead of putting it in the moving truck.

7. Prepare a Cleaning Kit

With all the chaos on a moving day, you might have to clean up your house again. Movers would be placing all the boxes, neighbors might come to say hi, and you might have some friends over. All this traffic in the home brings dirt and debris along. The floors will seem messy, and surfaces might have dust all over. Prepare a small cleaning kit with a couple of cleaning solutions. You can add broom, mop, bucket, floor fresheners, and an all-purpose cleaning solution. Also, get some garbage bags to put litter in one place.

Final Thoughts,

It is exciting to move to a new house, but no easy feat. As the moving date comes near, your stress and excitement levels also begin shooting up, especially if you are unprepared. Create a list of things you have to complete before the moving day and start packing quickly. Make all necessary reservations months before to avoid any last-minute cancellations and enjoy your moving out journey.

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