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Air conditioners are common in most homes and offices. During summer when the temperatures are high you will need one to cool your home.

Nevertheless, when your machine isn’t working properly you may experience changes in its performance.

These changes may include blowing hot air, making unusual sounds, unusual smells, increased humidity levels, water leaks among others.

If you experience these signs, you likely require to repair your device. Here are some common signs that indicate your air conditioner needs an emergency service for its problems.

  • Water leaks

This device features a refrigerator, responsible for the cooling effect in your room. When hot air touches a cold surface, it is converted into water droplets.

These droplets later integrate into the device and the cycle continues. Leakage or moisture forming around your machine could mean your device has malfunctioned. Be quick to call a repair company as this may fuel the growth of mold and bacteria.

Moreover, pooled water can lead to fatal damages and you may end up replacing the entire cooling system.

  • High humidity

Not only does the AC cool the air, but it also regulates the humidity levels in your home. Your machine should automatically moderate the moisture levels during summer when the outdoor weather is hot and sticky.

If you still experience high moisture levels when your cooling system is on, then you may need to call a technician.

An expert should diagnose and repair the issue promptly or advise you to get an indoor dehumidifier.

  • Bad odors

A strong decayed smell could indicate the presence of microbial growth in your system. On the other hand, a pungent burning smell from your HVAC system could mean the wire insulation is burned.

Your technician may choose between deep cleaning the entire system or conducting a high-tech diagnosis depending on the issues to address odor.

You may also consider using ultraviolet (UV) rays to eradicate persistent mold and bacteria growth.

  • Insufficient airflow

This is a common indicator that your device isn’t working properly. It could also mean your motor is broken or the ducts are clogged hence preventing the free flow of air.

Poor airflow may require agent fixing to protect the system from overheating. In this case, your technician may advise you to install an energy-recovery ventilator to give your device a boost.

The energy-recovery ventilator will ensure a steady flow of the right air in and out of your home at all times. Your cooling system may also benefit from zoning systems.

  • Warm air

A broken compressor or a leak in the refrigerant may cause your system to blow warm air. Nevertheless, before coming to this conclusion, check the settings on the thermostat and ensure to switch it to the cooling mode.

Plus, the thermostat setting should be lower than your current room’s temperature. If this doesn’t work then the compressor may be the problem.

We recommend consulting with a professional instead of attempting DYI fixes to avoid further problems. After all, air conditioning devices are expensive and complex so you may not want to tamper with them.

  • Frequent cycles

Most advanced home cooling systems will automatically switch on and off when needed regardless of the weather.

These cooling cycles ensure that your home air is well-conditioned. When hot, the device automates itself to cool the air inside. During winter, the device reverses its function allowing warm air into the room.

Nevertheless, if you notice abnormal cycles, you may want to consult the repair team. A few patch-ups may restore the machine’s performance but it could also mean getting a new cooling system.

Unusual noises

  • Unusual noises

While it is quite normal for your cooling system to make certain noises while shutting or starting up, extremely loud or unusual noises can indicate a big issue with your machine.

Metallic, squealing, or rattling sounds can signal a problem with the motor while grinding noises can indicate something worse. The earlier you address this the better. Click here to read more.


If you notice a problem with your AC, we recommend you seek professional help before the problem escalates. This not only ensures that the machine works properly but also saves you replacement expenses. A small issue like a clogged duct may cause the air conditioner to malfunction completely.

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