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BOULDER, Colo. (July 8, 2020) – RealEstateRama – zavvie, the nation’s first iBuyer platform for real estate brokerages, announces the release of an improved Offer Optimizer to bring home sellers all their options with unprecedented accuracy and clarity.

The pro-consumer Offer Optimizer helps agents engage clients with all the newest selling options, including instant offers from iBuyers, a buy-before-you-sell option from Bridge providers, as well as a traditional Open Market offer.

Real estate experts note more sellers may find instant offers from iBuyers more attractive because of COVID-19. “The iBuyer business model is uniquely positioned to thrive in a world of social distancing, where people are putting a premium on the ability to conduct business while limiting direct human contact,” said Mike DelPrete, a global real estate tech strategist.

“Feedback from thousands of agents using Offer Optimizer in the field reveals many sellers have heard of iBuyers, but are unfamiliar with how they work,” said Lane Hornung, zavvie co-founder and CEO. “A streamlined Offer Optimizer makes it easy for the agent to explain how an instant sale works, and why it might be the right choice for their client.”

Individual estimates from each iBuyer have been replaced with an estimated offer range for all iBuyers. The market-specific ranges are based on zavvie’s proprietary data set, with a statistically significant 95% confidence interval.

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“We know consumers want to be represented by an agent, even with an instant offer,” Hornung said. “But agents need the right tools to talk about all the options available today. Agents add value by quarterbacking the transaction and earning a commission regardless of the option the seller chooses.”

In addition to agents being able to provide their clients all iBuyer and Open Market options, the new Offer Optimizer adds a Bridge option for sellers. The Bridge option, available in all 50 states, allows a consumer to buy their next home before they sell their current one.

“The newest options for sellers – iBuyers and Bridge – are nearly completely digital, and well-suited for social distancing,” Hornung explained. “This expansion of options available in Offer Optimizer also extends our reach. While iBuyers are limited to select markets, Bridge providers operate in every state.”


About zavvie

zavvie connects agents and their clients by providing all selling options: iBuyer, Bridge, and Open Market through Offer Optimizer™, a brokerage solution. See zavvie.com.

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