Importance of Floor Plans for Real Estate Listing

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While selling a property, stunning photos with elegant descriptions might be on top of your priority list. But a recent study found out that buyers want floor plans while hunting for an ideal home. In fact, 55% of buyers believe floor plans are helpful to navigate through the property.

So are floor plans really a necessity?

Floor Plans for Real Estate Listing

Here are all the right reasons why floor plans are essential for your real estate listings:

  1. Keeps Buyer’s Attention

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2017 developed a report – Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trend Report – that showed floor plans among the top 3 desired features in a home listing for potential buyers.

A survey in 2013 done by Rightmove concluded that floor plans drew the buyer’s attention more often than believed. Hence, it is safe to say that including a floor plan is crucial for your listing, especially in this highly competitive market.

As the stats say, buyers want floor plans included in the property listing. If you are still not leveraging the benefits, you are making a grave mistake!

  1. Gives Flow of the Home

Photos are an amazing selling factor for properties. Buyers are provided with an overall aesthetic of the home, feel of the room’s size and additional help in selling the lifestyle. However, there is one thing photos cannot provide – the flow of a home!

Floor plans create an understanding for buyers who have never been inside the property. They are provided with how the house can work as a whole. If buyers have specific requirements, floor plans can be a guide.

  1. Brings Property to Reality

Floor plans help buyers who do not live in the locality give an authentic experience. It can provide them with detailed information about the property and increase your revenue.

A precise floor plan provides the correct dimensions of rooms. Moreover, it can become a guide for buyers and show them the property’s overall size deciding its worth. And once your potential buyers know the total worth of the property, they gain an understanding of the value for their money.

Floor plans allow buyers to visualize what they are investing in. It adds an emotional effect and gives your best shot at sealing the deal.

  1. Great Addition to Your Marketing Materials

You can add floor plans in your marketing materials like brochures or online listings to sell a home faster and at a higher amount. It also sets you apart from your competitors.

Moreover, keep in mind that if you add floor plans as marketing tools, clearly state the accurate measurements. Because when you do so, you disclose a crucial detail to potential buyers who rely on those measurements to make sure that the house can hold the furniture they have.

Benefits of Using Professional Floor Plans

As a real estate agent, you will benefit if you take professional help in creating floor plans. Although you will have to pay a reasonable amount, its benefits will outweigh this fact.

Here are all the benefits that you will get after using professional services like Styldod’s 3D floor plans:

  1. Save Time

If you are not an expert in creating floor plans, you will spend considerable time behind that. If you hire an expert, you save valuable time. A professional can get your work done while you can handle other aspects of your business.

  1. Accurate Measurements

A professional floor plan show measurements and available space in the home. This helps the buyer make an informed decision.

  1. Visual Memory Trigger

A professional floor plan can be a visual memory trigger for many buyers. It means that they get thorough information that can allow them to consider buying the property. They can remember the features of the property more vividly even after viewing the property long back.

  1. Higher Click-Through Rate

The click-through rate for properties with professional floor plans is much higher than properties with no floor plans. Hence, you get more views on your listing and a better showing because people already understand the space.


Floor plans are becoming more important for marketing your listings as they increase the potential buyer’s interest and encourage viewing and sales!

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