Iowa Clean Energy Business and Public Health Leaders, Parents and Students Call on Presidential Candidates to Embrace Renewable Energy Policies, Clean Power Plan


Billboard in Des Moines greets presidential candidates with message: “Candidates, Clean Energy = Healthy Kids”

DES MOINES – Iowa clean energy business leaders, parents, public health leaders and students called on presidential candidates to learn from Iowa’s bipartisan example and embrace clean, renewable energy policies such as the Clean Power Plan and renewable energy tax credits.

Speakers highlighted the job, economic, air quality, health and climate benefits of clean energy at a press conference in front of a new billboard message near the Des Moines Airport that states: “Candidates: Clean Energy = Healthy Kids.” The billboard image is attached. The speakers encouraged Iowans to ask candidates about their specific plans to support the growth of clean, renewable energy, and to caucus for pro-clean energy candidates.

The billboard message is sponsored by Climate Parents, a national organization of parents and grandparents advocating for climate and clean energy solutions.

Speakers at the press conference were Tim Dwight, ex-Iowa & NFL football player and President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association; Ellie Filippone, a 13 year old Des Moines middle school student; Tom Wind, Owner, Wind Utility Consulting; Dr. Yogesh Shah, Associate Dean, Global Health, Des Moines University, and John Friedrich, Senior Campaigner with Climate Parents.

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John Friedrich, Senior Campaigner, Climate Parents, said: “Given the present and growing danger of climate change, we have a moral responsibility to our kids and grandkids to take strong action now. That means a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy, which has strong bipartisan support in Iowa. The message to presidential candidates is, if you want the votes of Iowans — and voters across the country who want a healthy future for our kids — you need to be a clean energy leader.”

Tim Dwight, President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association, said: “Here in Iowa we’d made great strides in energy efficiency and wind developments. Solar energy is now the next step to modernize our electrical grid and reap the benefits for our communities, our economy and our health. Policies like the Clean Power Plan will help us expand renewable energy across the board.”

Dr. Yogesh Shah, Associate Dean, Global Health, Des Moines University, said: “There are policies and practices that, if implemented, would help Iowans adapt to climate change in the short term and avoid unmanageable consequences in the long term. As a physician, I will continue to work to educate Iowans and candidates about the science and negative impacts posed by climate change on health.”

Tom Wind, Owner of Wind Utility Consulting, said: “Because of the foresight and wisdom of our state legislators and governors in adopting supportive policies over the years, Iowa is now a wind power leader. Together with our now emerging solar power industry, these renewable resources will provide the clean power that Iowans need to grow our state and improve our environment.”

Ellie Filippone, a 13 year old 7th grade student at Brody Middle School in Des Moines, said: “Climate change is the biggest threat to my generation today. It is my generation that is going to be most affected. We are going to have to change our ways for the sake of future generations.”


Climate Parents was launched to give voice to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else concerned about the climate our children are inheriting. We want to bring together parents from every walk of life to take action. Whether you’re a long time advocate on climate change or just beginning to understand its implications for our kids, Climate Parents is for you. Below is more information — please reach out and say hello! Every parent we hear from is one more source of inspiration for our work.

John Friedrich, , 209-777-6174

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