Living in Evergreen, Co: Things You Probably Don’t Know You Can Do in Evergreen, Colorado

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If you’re reading this, it seems like you’re considering moving to Evergreen, Colorado. What is it like, living in Evergreen, Co? If you’re looking for a low-stress, more simplified, back to the basic kind of lifestyle, the kind that fostered a slower-paced, nature-filled, and less commercial childhood for your kids, then Evergreen, Colorado sounds like the best choice.

What can you and your family do in Evergreen, Colorado if you decide to move there permanently? Is it going to be worth it? These are some of the questions you might ask yourself during the decision-making process. Luckily, we have come up with things to help you understand the things you can do in Evergreen, Co throughout the year.

Top 10 things you can do during spring and summer while living in Evergreen, Co

You probably don’t know this yet, but spring is a season of appreciation in Evergreen. Long-standing events and festivals honor the native American culture, community leaders, and the environment. There are so many opportunities you can experience living in Evergreen – the best of Evergreen’s homes and gardens, and most especially the cuisine. These events include the egg-decorating contest, egg hunting, and the taste of Evergreen.

During the summer season, it’s all about going outdoors. Consider taking in the sun during the day, and attending free concerts during the evening. Fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers’ Markets and outdoor dining at many cafes and restaurants. You can also spend time in solitude, enjoying private and public art, or dance with your friends during the festivals and fundraisers!

Below are the top ten activities you can do during summer and spring living in Evergreen, Co:

Outdoor Recreation

This is where you enjoy wildlife and nature, so don’t miss the Evergreen Nature Center, which you can find in the historic warming hut on the lake, with displays of animals and birds. This includes hands-on antlers and furs your kids will love. Before you go there, make sure you have an Evergreen lake bird checklist with you.

Spa Day

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a spa day in Evergreen, Colorado. Get pampered once in a while, and treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, and a facial massage. You’ll love living in Evergreen, Co because it has them all!

Go Shopping

There are more than 180 businesses in downtown Evergreen, including the Lakepoint Center and the Meadow Drive. If you’re looking for new clothes, skateboards, decors, or gifts, you can all find them in Evergreen!

Learn New Things

You can attend a class at the Center for the Arts Evergreen, get the 411 on wines from the local winery, or follow the Sculpture Trail Map around town! It’s never too late to try to learn new things!

Listen to Live Music

You’ll be surprised by how much live music you can find in Evergreen. This includes bands, individual performers, and open mic. From bars and restaurants to winery and breweries, you can sing along, dance, or just tap your toe as you chow down.

Try biking

Evergreen has a lot of options for you to explore by bike – from scenic, smooth road cycling routes to hardcore mountain bike trails. Outbound Mountain Gear and Team Evergreen Cycling have upcoming group rides, which include some great maps if you prefer to do it alone.

Try hiking

Besides biking, hiking can also be a fun activity in Evergreen, Colorado. Pick up a trail to head around the dam and lake, to a park, or to other area trailheads out of town. You’ll surely love doing this during the spring and summer seasons.

Dine al fresco

Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Sushi, Vegan, Barbecue – you name it! There’s a surprising number of international cuisines in Evergreen, Colorado. You’ll surely love them all!

Celebrate and have fun

There are year-round events you can celebrate at Evergreen, and most of them are free to the public.

Keep it local

When shopping in Evergreen, Co, your money stays within the community. Local arts organizations depend on funding from sales tax, so whenever you spend money in Evergreen, you are considered a patron of the arts.

Top 10 things you can do during autumn and winter while living in Evergreen, Co

Autumn will always be synonymous with beautiful, especially in Evergreen. It’s the season where you can appreciate the changing colors of the foliage with community trail races, quiet walks, and seasonal events and fundraisers. These include OktoberPets, Oktoberfest, the Halloween Walk, and the annual EChO Thanksgiving Benefit.

And regardless of the temperature change, Evergreen doesn’t slow down much in winter! You’ll be surprised to see the locals making the most of the season by incorporating its best qualities. The Downton Holiday Walk, Skate the Lake, ice sculptures, the ice melt contest, and the Polar Plunge are all complemented by stunning events and concerts.

Below are ten activities you can during the autumn and winter season:

Satisfy your sweet tooth

Evergreen, Colorado is chock full of goodies! It’s perfect for whenever you crave cheesecakes, ice cream, or some fudge!

Walk around the local parks

Get moving and walk around the local parks and enjoy the colors of autumn! Strap on your ice skates or snowshoes, too!

Take a tour

During autumn or winter, you can visit the local museums and centers. If you’re a history buff, you can check the Hiwan Homestead Museum.

Experience art

Evergreen is famous for its many artists, paintings, jewelry, sculpture, and other pieces you can make a part of your home.

Go fishing

You can go to O’Fallon Park, which is a good spot for year-round fly fishing since it rarely freezes for long periods of time. You can also check out Evergreen Lake if you want to go Ice Fishing.

Be entertained

If you want to be entertained, then you can check out the Ovation West Performing Arts, Venue Theater Company, or Evergreen Players.

Try meditating

You can relax, go beyond the downward-facing dog in a yoga class, be at peace, and find your center by meditating at Evergreen.

Take a painting class

Stop by the ceramic studio or consider taking a painting class.

Enjoy a meal fireside

A lot of the restaurants in Evergreen, Colorado have fireplaces and gourmet menus that can help set the mood for a beautiful evening.

Try a new fitness class

You’ll surely enjoy trying a new fitness class through kickboxing, water aerobics, pilates, spinning, and more, while living in Evergreen, Co.

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