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Keeping home up to the mark is nothing like a walk in a garden. It is super tough to keep a check on everything all the time, especially in this busy city life. A well-maintained home is just a step forward towards a healthy life. It is all about placing things where they belong and getting rid of things you no longer need. After all, who likes a place full of clutter and mess?

With home maintenance, you do not have to wait for renovations to knock your door, you need to look for it beforehand. So, before you witness things falling apart, hold the bag in your hands and buckle up to maintain your house. If you are wondering how; here are some necessary aspects of a well-maintained house that you should look after.

1. Regular Plumbing Checkups

Have you ever come across clogged drains or broken pipelines? Honestly, there is nothing more annoying than having plumbing issues. Usually, everything gives alarming signals before falling apart, but we are too busy to take them seriously. Similarly, if you notice any sounds coming from the sink or flush tank, you need to check what is wrong. So, how can you prevent these problems?

Stay away from disposing of trash or hair in the drain, dispose of them in the bin. This would close doors for all sorts of drain blockages. Find out whether the seals of your bathtub and shower work properly. Look under the sinks to inspect any signs of leakages or broken pipes. However, there is no point in trying things out on your own, either. You can just make a call to Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Ottawa to get things back in order.

2. Keep Moisture Levels Intact

People living near the coastal areas know what we are talking about. The moisture levels are very high in such areas, which leaves houses at risk. It is important to maintain stable moisture levels to prevent mold and rust. Do you know what is worst? High moisture gives an open invitation to bugs and pests. Therefore, you have to fight it back by installing exhaust fans.

These tend to bring down the moisture levels. You can get one in your kitchen, bathroom, and a fancy one in the living room too. After all, the main aim is to bring down the humidity levels, and exhaust fans work perfectly. If possible, try keeping the windows open to allow ventilation inside the house.

3. Get New Batteries

You should always have a pack of batteries lying inside the shelf. After all, you never know when the clock runs out of battery. Similarly, these packs of batteries would come to your rescue if anything runs out of battery, especially your smoke detectors. You don’t have to wait for the beeping sound that would indicate low battery, rather get it changed often.

Besides, purchasing batteries won’t cost you an arm. Thus, even if things are working smoothly, don’t mind changing them every 3 months. At the same time, don’t forget to check all the dead switches and plugs and replace them with new ones.

4. Maintain Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are in high demand all year round. The climate has a huge influence on these systems. Summers don’t give a chance to turn on the heater since everything is already on fire. If something is not working for a couple of months, then there are high chances of malfunctioning. Therefore, even though it is hot outside, consider switching on the heater once a week to ensure smooth functioning.

Besides, clearing up the vents remains all-time important. Even though you are using the cooling and heating systems, the dirt sometimes gets stuck inside due to which it delivers polluted air. You have to clear up the vents often and maintain the climate control systems to enable the smooth functioning of these systems.

5. Check for Damages

Every house faces damages and breakdowns often. Well, it is impossible to avoid these damages, but you can surely prevent them from occurring by getting things fixed beforehand. Thus, the moment you notice some drops of water falling from the roof. Rather than going after temporary solutions, get your entire roof cemented, giving a red signal to further problems.

Similarly, if you notice any chipping paint, then consider it as a time for a mini-renovation. Even though there is slight chipping at the moment, but with time it would start increasing. If possible, grab a roller brush and give a fresh coat of paint to the walls yourself. Also, if you have a fireplace, then don’t forget to replace the woods every week.

6. Keep your Windows Clean

Usually, during the summers, you would witness a lot of debris around the corners of the windows. You would witness dry leaves and trash stuck to your windows. It disrupts the entire image of your house, making it look dirty and messy. Hence, you have to keep a vigilant check on your windows at all times and grab your cleaning tools to wipe off all the dirt.

Similarly, during winters, you need to take a dig at all the locks and knobs of windows and doors. Make sure they are working properly, or you would end up inviting snow inside your house. If windows are untouched for a long time, it can make the knobs and locks rusty. So, rather than waiting to hear the sounds of a thunderstorm, you have to take care of it beforehand.

7. Vacuum Regularly

Cleanliness is the key, and it is super important to maintain a hygienic environment inside your home. This won’t only close doors for bugs and termites but would make it a better place for you to live. Indeed, city life hardly gives time for anything, but basic cleanliness always comes first. You have to take out time to vacuum the floors regularly.

It would ensure there are no signs of dust and dirt. On the same hand, you can pick three days from a week and consider vacuuming your sofas. After all, it is the place where everyone is gulping their coffee, munching Doritos, and whatnot. Hence, cleaning sofas remain extremely crucial too. Besides, people who are fully occupied with work can hand over this responsibility to a reliable cleaning company.

8. Clean Air Filters

Honestly, people fail to pay attention here. Dirty air filters mean you are breathing polluted air which, is quite harmful to your health. Well, cleaning air filters is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a clean home. Sometimes, if left unclean for a long time, it also starts affecting the air conditioner hindering its cooling and heating process.

You can take out air filters and clean them yourself, at least once a month. Cleaning air filters is not a hardcore job; you just have to be careful of the fragile nets while cleaning them. You can also grab a cleaning brush that would gently remove all the dirt all at once.

Wrapping Up

There are some essential things that are impossible to skip. Similarly, with home maintenance, there are things that you shouldn’t skip at all. Everyone tries their best possible to maintain a fresh and healthy environment inside the houses, but it is quite difficult. Well, to help you out, here are some necessary aspects of a well-maintained house to push you to get started.

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