Spa Bathroom in your Home

How to Create a Spa Bathroom in your Home

Nowadays, people are starting to consider spa bathrooms seriously. We all know that a trip to the spa is one of the most relaxing luxuries to indulge in. Everyone needs to take a break from work, get pampered, and be fully recharged.
Buy a New Home

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home: How to Buy a New Home?

Buying a new construction home is an important decision and step for everyone. The acquisition of house associates with a very high risk. Because this transaction requires significant financial costs.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

What Is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

Real estate is a huge market and there are millions of Americans looking to buy and sell homes. In fact, over 5 million existing homes were bought and sold throughout the country in 2019. While you can sell a home on your own without any assistance

What to Know About Buying a Home During a Pandemic

So you want to purchase a home, but the coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down. Many non-essential businesses are closed, people have been advised to remain close to home, and social distancing is ideal when interacting in person. Not to mention, with unemployment rates continuing to rise, banks have changed regulations to try and reduce their risks.

Replace Your Old Colorbond Roof in Melbourne

A house is comprised of the interior and exterior parts all combining to come up with your dream house. Most homeowners tend to prioritize some parts of the house and ignore others, one important part that has been ignored for long is the roofing system. With the Melbourne weather always fluctuating from heavy rainfall to super dry seasons with strong winds
BRRRR Calculator in Real Estate

Why the BRRRR Calculator is Important in Real Estate

The BRRRR strategy has been circulating for many years and stands for buy, repair, rent, refinance, and repeat. This strategy became very popular when investors began using it to purchase a rental property, and then get most, or all, of their money back

Types of Real Estate Marketing Materials Every Agent Needs

Leaders in the real estate industry understand the value of brand image. How your customers perceive your real estate practice can influence everything from successful sales to word-of-mouth marketing. Creatively branded templates help create that image. From real estate social media templates to branded email newsletters
Purifying the Air In Your Home

Molekule Review: Purifying the Air In Your Home

We live in extraordinary times, as social and physical distancing orders have confined the majority of our lives to our houses or apartments. We are advised to stay at home and limit our trips outside to only essential travel, such as visits to the pharmacy
Home repairs to make

4 Home Repairs to Make for Sellers That Increase Home Value

Are you trying to sell your house but want it to have more value than when you bought it? Here are home repairs to make in order to increase its value.
Home Security System

3 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars each year on upgrades and improvement projects. If you are trying to add value and more security to your home, there are a variety of products that can help you accomplish this goal.
Tiny Homes Impact

Tiny Homes Impact on Real Estate Market

For so many of us nowadays, buying a home is a target. It is the measuring point by which we look at our lives and judge if we are doing well. Some of us might never own one… but for those that think the average house is too expensive, we present: the tiny house!
Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

3 Tips for Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Crisis

The economic fallout of the coronavirus is affecting many sectors of the economy, and we can expect the effects to last far longer than the pandemic itself. One of the biggest effects is the spike in unemployment rates, which is going to slow down the housing
Top 5 Perfect Posters Ideas

Top 5 Perfect Posters Ideas

Today we’re taking a look at 5 perfect posters ideas useful for improving your next poster design for your real estate company. Growing a successful real estate business requires standing out in a crowd.
Delta Webinar image

Webinar Explores How to Power a Brokerage Digitally

Helping real estate professionals accelerate efforts to power their brokerage digitally, Delta Media Group is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, May 14, 2020, at 2:00 pm Eastern.

How Much Does Home Design Affect the Property Valuation?

Today, interior designs have proven to be salient selling points to potential buyers.  According to a source from The Spaces architectural layouts have recently increased sale prices by up to 12% and above. Any investment on unique home spaces is likely to attract good returns.
Top Online Real Estate Courses

Top 7 Top Online Real Estate Courses

Online courses can be a good option for those who want to become a licensed real estate agent. Here are the 7 top online real estate courses for you to take. Are you thinking about becoming a real estate agent, but aren't sure where to get started?
High-Tech Real Estate Agent Tools

7 High-Tech Real Estate Agent Tools for Better Listings and Showings

Are you a real estate agent who really loves to wow and excite your customers? There are so many different real estate agent tools available to you these days to help you do just that. Whether you are well-versed in using technology


Nowadays, everybody is trying to find new ways to modify their homes. Enhancing its beauty and making it look more stylish are the main objectives. With the world advancing in every area, there have been many trends in the last few years for home improvement as well.
Lawn Care Service

Six Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Lawn Care Service

There are many reasons to hire a professional lawn care contractor. Of course, you’ll want to interview several contractor candidates before you turn over that mundane-but-necessary outdoor chore.
Reduce your Water Bill

Ways to Reduce your Water Bill

Some essentials are indispensable, and no matter how annoyingly expensive they are, that still makes it impossible to live without them.  Water is one of those things that you can't afford to cut down or quit on regardless of who you are, where you live, and what you do. Unfortunately

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FEMA Offers Free Rebuilding Tips at Local Home Improvement Stores

Disaster survivors affected by the severe storms and floods from Tropical Storm Imelda, can visit local home improvement stores in Houston, Pasadena and Webster for rebuilding tips from mitigation experts.

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California and Vermont Post Worst Losses since February as Virginia and South Dakota Add the Most; Illinois and Iowa Have Worst One-Month Job Losses, While New York and Vermont Post