Three Reasons Why Realtors Should Work with Moving Companies

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Working as a realtor can be a financially rewarding career, particularly if one is stationed in an area where the real estate market is booming like Tampa, Florida. Real estate agents in the city earned over $83,000 on average per year. Seasoned realtors from top companies, on the other hand, earn close to $160,000 annually.

As with other careers with high-income potential, however, it takes tons of hard work, skills, and know-how to make headway in the field. Merely earning a license does not guarantee sales and hefty commission as there are over 5,400 active agents in The Big Guava who are working hard to achieve the same goal.

If you are a realtor who intends to make a mark in the real estate business, you need to explore all avenues to get ahead, such as partnering with moving and storage companies in Tampa. Expanding your professional network may seem insignificant to the inexperienced few, but top agents know the immense value of making the right connections. To help you appreciate such relationships, here are several reasons why working with reputable moving companies can benefit you as a realtor:

Better Client Service 

Contrary to what others may think about your work as a realtor, your job is not to merely assist clients in buying or selling their real estate properties at the best possible price. Your career success depends largely on keeping your clients happy, more than completing business transactions.

Unless you provide outstanding service to your clients, your career growth will be incredibly limited. It is not enough that you are accessible, friendly, and good-natured. You must be able to anticipate your clients’ needs and address potential concerns even when your clients have yet to verbalize them.

Perhaps a client is thrilled to finally find a buyer for his/her home but is concerned about finding a professional moving company that offers high-quality service. In such cases, you can readily suggest a reliable mover if you have an existing partnership with the top companies in the area.

While recommending a mover may seem inconsequential, your client will surely appreciate it, especially since moving scams are becoming more and more prevalent in the moving industry. A study conducted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) revealed that around 13,000 consumers are victimized by fraudulent moving companies in the United States each year causing serious financial and emotional burdens.

Imagine saving your client from the hassle of searching for trustworthy movers and from the risk of hiring dishonest ones. Ultimately, by partnering with moving companies, you can create remarkable and better client experiences.

Boost in Reputation 

Real estate agents who can close lucrative deals for their clients are seen as reliable. But what if you can offer more than good business? What if you take the extra mile and assist your clients beyond the property buying or selling process?

Similar to the example above, the moment you help clients connect with trustworthy moving companies, you are sending a positive message about who you are and what you stand for. For every satisfied client that you assist in the moving process, you are slowly building your reputation as a competent realtor who offers a satisfying experience to clients.

Keep in mind that maintaining a solid reputation in the real estate industry is vital to get you ahead of the competition. Note that one home buyer/seller satisfaction survey conducted by J.D. Power found that 7 in 20 first-time homebuyers choose a realtor based on reputation. Moreover, you can attract and maintain a loyal client base if you build a good name for your business practice.

More Business 

As can be deduced from the discussion points above, partnering with reputable professional moving companies can serve as an effective marketing tool. When you help clients find a suitable mover for their needs, they will remember you fondly and will most likely tell their friends and family about you.

Did you know that 7 in 25 clients who are buying their homes for the first time choose a realtor based on recommendations? You can never underestimate the value of word-of-mouth advertising.

It is important to note that referrals do not end with acquaintances, especially if you have satisfied clients who are active in social media. Once they post their experience working with you and the assistance you extended, every individual who reads the message becomes a potential client.

What if these clients also leave online reviews on your website and popular real estate review platforms? The impact would be huge since positive online reviews influence a client’s decision to patronize a business by close to 70 percent.

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that working with reliable moving companies can significantly contribute to achieving your goals as a realtor. Keep in mind, however, that just like any other relationship, you must be wary of the movers you partner with since you are essentially putting your reputation on the line whenever you refer them.

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