Top 5 communities to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah

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Can we begin with a consensus that Palm Jumeirah is one of the best locations in Dubai? This artificial island is modelled after a Palm tree, adorned by beautiful shorelines and an adjoining ocean. The area is credited for its liveliness, amazing outing spots, and serenity when it comes to relaxation. But most importantly, it is credited for its jaw-dropping villas that leave nothing for the imagination as regards luxury. These villas are contained in some of the most famous communities, sometimes attached to skyscrapers and other times designed as standalone apartments. 

If you are looking to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah, whether for personal or commercial use, here are the top 5 communities to buy houses in Palm Jumeirah.

NB: Please keep in mind that these communities are recommended based on their reputations, public appraisals, and the facilities attached. You may choose an apartment or villa in the community as you deem fit as there are varying prices.

No. 1: The Crescent

The Crescent comprises 20 modern buildings located towards the trunk of the Palm. Some of the apartments have beach fronts, and all are positioned with great views of the Palm and other nearby side attractions. Villas in the crescent were designed for, and are suitable for family needs as well as personal relaxation, with Jacuzzis and steam rooms, etc. A villa in this area is positioned at the centre of attraction, it would sell quickly in real estate and bring high ROI if you decide to rent. 

No. 2: The Garden Homes Community

You can also find the Garden Homes Community at the fronds of the Palm. It houses high-end villas and penthouses as some of the most renowned property developers have investments deposited there. The Waldorf Astoria, Murabba Apartments, and a handful of other famous communities are also stationed there. The properties in this location give buyers/ investors a wide range of options such that you can choose whatever suits your taste.

No. 3: The Canal Cove 

Next, Canal Cove is another best location to own a villa in Palm Jumeirah. The Canal Cove villas come especially recommended for families. There are villa apartments with broad inner space, a barbecue and garden adornment, and access to gyms, parks, and other intriguing places for children. Additionally, you can easily access some of the major work centres/locations from Canal Cove with no hassles.

No. 4: Palma Residences

You can check out the Palma Residences that come highly recommended by users, visitors, and residents alike. They contain townhouses, villas, and penthouses adjoining the island. The bedrooms are spacious, and there is a wide range of penthouses and villas options.

No. 5: The Anantara Signature Villa

This is another great spot to buy a villa in Palm Jumeirah. It is located in the Jumeirah coastal area of Dubai and is a stone throw from the Dubai megacity. The environment is serene, and you can access a handful of side attractions from the Anantara signature villas. The villas are self-sufficient with luxury bathtubs, a wine cellar, a gym, and outdoor private pools. The views are also amazing.

How Much Should a Villa Cost on Palm Jumeirah?

Conclusively, if you are considering owning a villa on Palm Jumeirah, you may also need an idea of what to expect. The prices of villas on the Palm vary from between AED 1, 700, 000 to AED 14, 500, 000. The prices depend on a couple of features, the management of the properties and luxurious facilities such as pools, gyms, gardens and barbecue stands, state-of-the-art kitchen and sizes of the villas. Follow the to get more information.

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