Revive and zavvie partner to give real estate brokerages and their agents a seamless new way to help sellers get the highest price for their homes

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Michael Alladawi

BOULDER, Colo. (February 8, 2022) – RealEstateRama – In one of the hottest seller’s markets on record, many homeowners in the past year have rushed to list their homes for sale, often in as-is condition. But those sellers are typically leaving money on the table – as much as $168,0000 in a single sale – compared to a home that’s in top condition, according to experts.

Two fast-growing PropTech firms – Revive and zavvie – are partnering to help sellers capture the highest possible home price through their listing agent and the agent’s brokerage.

Revive offers a turnkey home concierge service that identifies the most effective pre-sale home improvements, provides renovation estimates, secures and manages contractors to complete the work, and fronts the cost of the renovations; they’re paid after the home sale closes.

Now part of zavvie’s recently expanded brokerage services, which provides real estate brokerages with a marketplace for buying and selling solutions, Revive can potentially reach tens of thousands of new real estate agents with its turnkey home concierge solution.

“Buyers are willing to pay more for a ready-to-live-in home,” said Michael Alladawi, co-founder of Revive. “Agents have shown that using Revive to accomplish a pre-sale renovation can mean as much as $50,000 to $100,000 more for sellers. For homeowners, getting that much more from their home sale can be life-changing.

“Best of all, it’s a seamless process for sellers, as the only finger they have to lift is to sign our agreement. Now with zavvie, it’s easier than ever for agents to add more value to every transaction by showing sellers all options, including the value of a pre-sale renovation,” Alladawi added.

Some brokerages and individual agents have been offering concierge-type services in-house for years, providing funds out of their own pockets. However, Revive is a more efficient and scalable option, Alladawi explains.

“With Revive, a brokerage doesn’t carry the overhead. Running a concierge service is expensive and time-consuming. Revive has both expertise and a network of vetted, high-quality contractors who are motivated to work with us and offer better pricing because of the volume of work we provide.”


Lane Hornung, co-founder and CEO of zavvie, says Revive for brokerages is another vital tool modern agents must have in their box of solutions. “For brokerages, if they enable their agents to offer buyers and sellers every option – iBuyer, Cash Offers, Power Buyer, Homeownership Accelerator and Concierge – they also will develop a new source of ancillary income – recurring revenue – that will come from these new solutions.”


About Revive

Revive HQ LLC is a Proptech Company located in Irvine, California with a mission to empower homeowners to do renovations to maximize their return on their most significant asset: their home. The company works with real estate agents, lenders, and contractors to bring that mission to life. To learn more about Revive, visit 


About zavvie

zavvie is a software technology company that provides real estate brokerages with a marketplace for buying and selling solutions via their own white-labeled platform that keeps agents at the center of the transaction. Over 65,000 real estate agents in 47 states leverage zavvie’s software technology to serve their clients better. Discover more at

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