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Hotel design has progressed into a dynamic, bold, and colorful concept. There are many aspects that go into designing the spaces of a hotel to impress guests and bring them back later on. Here are some of the leading trends for hotels in 2019:

Hospitality Interior Designs

Locals are Running the show

Hotels are using local artists, designers, photographers, and musicians to display the artistic talents of the local neighborhood. Furniture can be designed and provided by a local expert, while wall art can be photographed or painted by locals as well. Visitors love to experience the history and art of whatever area they decided to stop by. This method will most likely draw in more travelers and will also decrease the total design costs.

All Natural 

A smart and innovative design concept is implementing an outdoor space… indoors. This will allow guests to feel tied in with nature during their stay. You can use features like an indoor fountain, vines tracing the interior walls, large windows, grass, and as many plants as you can fit.

Eco-friendly elements

Eco-friendly elements

Because the amount of environmentally conscious people has increased over the past years, many travelers decide which hotel to book based on which hotel is the most eco-friendly. Nowadays, hotels give the green light to their designers to use energy-reducing tech, like motion detecting air conditioners in each room. Numerous hotels are also banning the use of plastic.

Let’s Get Technological 

As technology advances, so does the hospitality industry. Hotels that are targeting millennials or a younger crowd of travelers have invested in keyless room entry and phone-operated lights and phone-operated air conditioners to make things easier and more efficient for their guests.

Social Spaces

The idea of a social area where guests can connect with one another or just take a moment to relax surrounded by other people, will efficiently increase the value of your hotel. A coffee shop, bar, or a collective lobby can make your guests feel comfortable and at ease. Many hotels use their lobbies as a social area where guests can get work done, meet other people, and even order drinks. Wifi connection, power outlets, and wireless chargers are necessary aspects to make for a more functional lobby. 

Social Spaces

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Randa Tukan, Director of Hospitality Interior Design in HOK’s Toronto Office has stated that “Everything is so driven by demographics and human behavior…Hotels chains are trying to slice and dice the market in so many ways.” Remember to always consider common human interests, behaviors, and activities so you can customize your hotel to accomodate those factors. It’s important to keep in mind how interior design is more important than it is believed to be; interior design is a hotel’s key to pique a traveler’s interest. 

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