Turner Construction Company to Hold 11th Annual Safety Stand-Down on May 4, 2015


Turner will stop work on 1,000 jobsites to discuss safety with more than 45,000 workers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – May 1, 2015 – (RealEstateRama) — Turner Construction Company is pleased to announce the company will hold its 11th annual Safety Stand-Down on May 4, 2015, stopping work on jobsites around the world to deliver an important safety message, Situational Awareness: Know Your Next Move, to more than 45,000 workers. Turner has chosen to make this investment as everyone at our company cares deeply about the safety of the people who work on our projects and those who live in our communities.

It is as essential for workers to understand the hazards of the work going on around them as it is for them to understand the hazards associated with their own work. Safety Stand-Down presentations on the important topic of Situational Awareness: Know Your Next will highlight strategies for increasing awareness, as well as for controlling and continuously improving construction safety processes using the lean management concept of Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.

With the Plan, Do, Check, Adjust cycle as a framework, workers plan their next move or activity, execute that move, and then review that move and its outcome to determine whether the workflow should be adjusted and improved upon or if it can be practiced as a standard. The process of continuously re-evaluating risks and hazards – and modifying workflows to mitigate those risks – helps workers understand the impact of their work on those around them and minimize the hazards associated with that work so each and every member of the project team can go home safely every day.

“Turner’s Building L.I.F.E. approach strives to eliminate worksite incidents through better pre-planning of construction activities, and through initiating safety engagement at project pursuit,” said Cindy DePrater, the company’s vice president of Environmental Health and Safety. She continued, “As we stop work on more than 1,000 projects, we will deliver this important message and continue to drive a culture of safety on our projects.”

Source: Turner

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