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Nowadays, everybody is trying to find new ways to modify their homes. Enhancing its beauty and making it look more stylish are the main objectives. With the world advancing in every area, there have been many trends in the last few years for home improvement as well. If you haven’t thought about it yet, this blog may encourage you to think now.

After a tiring week at work, you may want to relax and for that, you may visit a spa or salon. Your house needs the same kind of attention too. Just a few changes in the colors, windows, etc can make it look an entirely different place for you to live. Home improvement or renovation was previously restricted to kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms only. Now, bathroom upgrading is equally important, because resale focuses on every area of the house.

Improving the look of a bathroom seems unreasonable and time-consuming, but it is a vital need that you may be unaware of. The majority of people wonder about what can be changed or improved in a bathroom? Keeping this and every similar question under consideration, the following are the few tips to help you design the perfect bathroom.


The first step of bathroom designing is identifying your preferences. Your house must be the most comfortable place and the bathroom is also a part of your house. Therefore, design it keeping your choices and comfort in mind. For example, you may prefer a maple wood floor rather than marble tiles in Canberra.

For the storage, you may not require a big shelf or a dressing table. A simple closet in the bedroom can store all your stuff. Hence, analyze what you need in your bathroom before designing.


After analyzing your preferences, it is time to gather ideas. Generating ideas isn’t a big problem. You have to refer to the internet, friends and family, and renovation service providers for ideas. Your mind can give you the best ideas as well. Ideas are always around you, and you just have to observe them. The more ideas you have, the better design you can make.


Once you have a handful of ideas from different sources, you can recreate one idea from several others. Idea screening means you have to shortlist the ideas you have collected. You cannot implement every idea, because you have your preferences and all ideas may not fit with your requirements.

To ease the designing process, idea screening is an important step. Shortlist the most appealing ideas and you can give them a touch of your imagination.


Now, you have some great ideas on your plate and you can easily plan the design for your bathroom. For example, one idea has the best shelf design while the other has the perfect flooring idea. First, you have to organize everything in your mind. Then, bring the final draft on paper. Start with the floor, how you will design it, what material you would need, etc.

Move step by step and don’t rush into anything. Take sufficient time for planning, because if you lack any point here, your bathroom-look may not result according to your expectations.


After planning your bathroom design, it is time to implement it. Implementation begins with flooring. You have to decide whether you want wooden flooring or tiled flooring. For the floor, you can also go for the latest three-dimensional technique. You have several choices for the 3-D floor, and you can choose the best one. For example, a forest-themed floor or beach-themed floors are commonly used for bathrooms.


When you are designing, be sure about the size of the bathroom. Sometimes, the requirements you have or your preferences are inappropriate for your bathroom because of its size. If you have a small-sized bathroom, the bathtub wouldn’t be a good choice because it will take up all the space you have. You need space in bathrooms, and choosing the items according to the size of the bathroom is important.


It is the age of minimalism. Overstuffing the bathroom wouldn’t be a good idea because you will have no space to freely get dressed. The more spacious your bath is, the better.

If your bathroom is small in size, keep two shelves or closets instead of three. Similarly, if you don’t have enough space to put a dressing table, use a simple mirror and one shelf to hold necessary items. For the large-sized bathroom, a bathtub, different shelves for different items may look good.


Corner sinks are a great idea for designing a bathroom. They don’t take a lot of space and you get a cute looking sink too. This is best for small-sized bathrooms because they are less space-consuming than others.


Don’t forget the shelves in your bathroom. Shelving gives you a better opportunity to be organized with your belongings. Shelves in the bathroom can help you in organizing the towels, electronic items, makeup, hygiene products, etc. Just remember the size of your bathroom before installing shelves.


Lights may not be your priority during the bathroom designing phase, but they should be. You can have a mix of bright and dim lights so that you make the best use out of them. If you are doing makeup in the bathroom or a hairdo, you need bright lights to get a clearer view.

On the contrary, showers at night don’t need bright lights because dim lights can guide you the best. Moreover, lights give your bathroom an enhanced appearance.


The bathing or shower area has its demands. You may want a tub, but your bathroom is too small for a bathtub. Don’t worry, because bathtubs have variable sizes. You can choose any bathtub that would look and fit best in your bathroom. Some people like to have their towels in the tub zone while others don’t.

Similarly, shower curtains are another item that almost everyone prefers to have. You have to be careful with the fabric of the curtain. You get choices in the colors and prints as well.


With every compelling idea, there comes a certain cost. You cannot go for every option you have, and mostly the reason is the cost that you have to incur. Whenever you plan a bathroom designing adventure, make sure you have prepared a budget for it. You cannot spend all your savings on designing a bathroom only.


Home redesigning has become one of the most popular trends in the past few years, but nobody thought about improving the bathroom. Be it your new residence or the one you are living in, bathroom designing isn’t as tricky as it sounds. You have to gather ideas from different sources and show some innovation, and you will have the best bathroom design in no time. You can also consult home improvement service providers and they can do the job for you. Remember, nobody can give you the best design but your brain, because your preferences matter the most.

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