VA National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans Releases H-PACT Program Report


WASHINGTON, D.C. – (RealEstateRama) — The VA National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans has released a report on the Homeless Patient Aligned Care Team (H-PACT) model. H-PACT is a multi-disciplinary, population-based medical home model organized around the unique challenges homeless veterans face accessing and engaging in care. The H-PACT model addresses the multiple medical and social needs of these veterans in one setting by incorporating five core elements that distinguish it from traditional primary care models:

  1. Reducing barriers to receiving care
  2. Providing one-stop, wrap around services that are integrated and coordinated
  3. Engaging veterans in intensive case management that is coordinated with community agencies for continuous care;
  4. Providing high-quality, evidence-based and culturally sensitive care through on-going homeless care skill development for H-PACT staff;
  5. Being performance-based and accountable with real-time data and predictive analytic applications to assist teams in targeting those most in-need, provide on-going technical assistance and personalized feedback to the field and inform team performance.

The report provides valuable information on the history of the program, emerging peer-reviewed evidence base supporting this approach and the platform that H-PACTs have provided for several new projects and initiatives aimed at addressing the care needs of homeless and at-risk for homelessness veterans who face unique and often insurmountable challenges within our traditional care model.

Download the report here.

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