Vegas 55+ Communities: Home away from Home

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As baby boomers reach retirement age, adult communities, alternatively called as 55+, have become popular. It is no wonder that 55 and over citizens are looking for the best senior living conditions through exploring “age-restricted” communities. If you are looking for a peaceful and retirement-friendly lifestyle, and consider your well-being and happiness as your top priorities, then check out the Vegas 55+ Communities. Here’s why you need to try and experience our 55+ communities:

  1. What is Vegas 55+ communities?

These adult communities are not entirely different from a residential community. However, the former is designed to be a retirement-friendly residence.

  • Who may live in adult communities?

The name speaks for itself. In adult communities, the age requirement is a decisive factor.  As provided in the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995, the United States prohibits discrimination but allows age as an exception. Many of these communities have age limits at 55 years, whilst others have higher. However, the rule may not be absolute. Other adult communities accept residents aging less than what is required as long as there are pieces of evidence to support that the individual is necessary to the health and well-being of the homeowners. Note that at least one of the homeowners must be at least 55 years or older.

  • What are the common restrictions?

Almost all types of communities, whether residential or not, have common restrictions in place. These are necessary to maintain the harmonious dwelling of the residents. Mostly, there are restrictions on the number of occupants, pets, home customizations, visitations, overnight stays, and access to community amenities to non-residents.

  • What type of housing options are available?

You’d be surprised because adult communities are not monotonous and dull at all. Contrary to popular belief, these communities can be comprised of single-family and multi-family homes. They also offer townhomes and condominiums. The best thing about 55+ communities is that they are built near shopping malls, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, swimming pools, and other local attractions. These people still want to be active albeit being in their retirement years. Also, there are many types of 55+ communities, namely: active senior communities, college town, and university communities, gated communities, golf and resort communities, luxury communities, religious specific communities, RV retirement parks, single only communities

  • What fees should be paid?

As a rule, interior maintenance and unnecessary improvements are shouldered by the homeowners. However, maintenance-free exteriors are paid by the homeowner through their monthly dues.

  1. What are the Key Features of Vegas 55+ communities?

Foremost you need to know what exactly you want. Are you active and sporty? Or are you more of a couch potato who loves the indoor environment? What is more preferable for you: a high or low-maintenance lifestyle? Simply put, you need to evaluate your preferred lifestyle before making a leap.

  • Amenities

Vegas 55+ communities include amenity centers raging from fitness centers, tennis courts, and community clubs where certain activities take place. Your retirement years would be filled with relaxation, peace, and joy. Something you deserved all these years.

  • Activities

One of the controlling factors which affect our lives is the kind of activities we indulge. From eating a bowl of ice cream on Friday night or going for a swim every morning, those activities affect our wellbeing. Hence, in choosing the perfect adult community for you, look for one that has vibrant social activities and is filled with fun and excitement. Does socializing, exercising, and country clubs sound fun to you?   Well, Vegas 55+ communities have that in store for you.

  • Child-friendly and Peaceful Environment

Unlike ordinary residential communities, where kids can be noisy, Vegas 55+ communities commit to a peaceful yet child-friendly environment. Underage visitors are encouraged to maintain a tranquil environment.

  • Opportunities to Meet New Friends

Adult communities share something common: age. Given that residents in these communities share age demographics, they are pretty much in the same place in life. These are people who have raised kids, have become grandparents, worked almost all their adult lives, and now looking for a place to spend their retiring years. These are common grounds that they can all share and connect with. The idea of being around with people closer to your age, and being around with people who like the things that you do is also a contributing factor to a happy and active community. Hence, it would be easier to gain new friends given their commonalities.

  • Low-Maintenance Lifestyle

One of the top-selling points for retirees is to find a residence that would allow them to shell out a paltry sum of money whilst enjoying a quality life. Adult communities forego exterior home maintenance, this way they could enjoy their retirement years without spending too much money on things that matter very little.

  1. Are Vegas 55+ communities right for you?

Some retirees do not consider themselves as “old citizens.” That is why having an active lifestyle or being part of the active senior-living communities sounds enticing and appealing. In deciding whether or not to spend your retirement years in these adult communities, it is imperative to know your needs and do research about what it offers so you would know whether it is the community you would age in place.

  • But what’s the catch?

Since it is an age-restricted community, they lack the diversity of age. Some see it as a plus factor, but not everyone perceives it as an appealing feature. For others, homogeneity of age is dull and boring. Also, the age requirement factor prohibits younger family members to use real estate properties in adult communities unless there are members  55 and above present. Lastly, 55+ communities do not provide on-site healthcare services. They are excluded from your monthly fees. However, you can have contract arrangements with a third-party home care service provider to give you the healthcare that you need.

If you’re contemplating moving to Vegas 55+ communities, then do so! If you like its atmosphere, activities, and amenities, then this is surely the kind of community you would age in place. Remember that there is no price for finding a community that meets your specific needs.

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