What to Make Out Of Your Basement

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For those in Guelph with basements, which means just about everybody, it is space that means a lot. It is another room to be utilized and not just lump storage in there to be stuffy and moldy. Your Guelph basement cannot just be the dark place, but it can be more challenging to remodel because it’s not really finished. Homeowners should know what they want out of a room and use up every inch of it. Make a budget, make a floor plan, and choose which style fits the best. Here are some ideas to consider.

For a smaller basement, homeowners should keep the space open and not add walls. Identify certain areas by using colors and specific decor for the basement to serve different purposes. It can be an office with a properly installed desk and chair, plus plenty of shelving. It could be its own entertainment area with a couch, bar, and either a flat-screen TV or projection screen. This should be installed with proper lighting, one that dims rather than flickers. Built-in storage seating, such as ottomans, functions highly in a small basement. If the stairs are in the center, an open staircase will look good with a wooden finish in an open plan that gives more light outward and makes more space.

Here are some basement painting ideas. Using bold colors makes a room feel smaller and basements want to make us feel it bigger. The same goes with the ceiling because it may feel lower and caving in. Instead use light neutral colors like gray and white which makes the room feel a lot bigger and not cavernous. Use these colors also for furniture while adding color in accessories and coverings, including throw pillows, curtains, and rugs. To make a polishing finish, go for softer greens and wooden touches while relying on shades of neutrals and texture.

Some basements are not windowless but are obviously a lot smaller because only the top is at ground level. But those small windows do peer outside to bring in natural light from outside. The lighting will also make the room feel bigger and do the job of giving light when it is dark, and the windows are covered up. Ceiling lighting takes up room, so utilize table and floor lamps. Light can also be reflected around with hung mirrors placed carefully around the room. Recycle light to keep the power costs low (because it is another room that needs it) and make the room feel more natural.

The basement comes in different sizes of a home that homeowners should maximize for any necessity. There are different ways to use all this space and for the best possible. But homeowners must decorate it effectively too. Getting the most out of this room and make it livable also means not wasting it as your own storage unit and produce an attractive sight for visitors, especially for families. The basement can be a creative haven. Let it flow openly as part of the home.

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