Why Anyone Would Want to Live in Burnaby

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Burnaby is among the largest cities in British Columbia, behind Surrey and Vancouver. The city has transformed over the previous years from its rural setup to an impressive urban center. Called after the pioneer Robert Burnaby, the town is culturally assorted, with its residents originating from Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and India.

Additionally, Burnaby city provides its residents with a warm, dry climate and sufficient rainfall throughout the year. Locals experience slight snow unlike other Canadian populations. This makes the place an ideal place for anyone of any age to live. Burnaby is quickly growing, and it has more to provide to both guests and natives. Some of the reasons you should re-locate to Burnaby include the following.


Due to its fast-growing rate, Burnaby city is among the costliest residences to buy a household in Canada. An average monthly home rent cost in Burnaby city ranges between $1000 to $1200 for a one-bedroom apartment and up to $2000 to $2500 for a three-bedroom flat. However, different Burnaby realtors can give you excellent deals when looking for a place to live in.


People living in Burnaby easily access Vancouver International Airport by air. Furthermore, the transport sector includes buses and SkyTrains. The Skytrain is an automated rapid transport system that operates in Burnaby’s lower mainland. The lines connect Burnaby with downtown Vancouver and the townships of Surrey and New Westminster. Moreover, the evergreen extension to the millennium line currently connects Burnaby with Coquitlam and Port Moody cities.

As a Burnaby dweller, you can also commute using buses that link the town with its neighboring cities. Some of the ways include

  • Connects Lougheed Mall with Metrotown Mall
  • Joins Simon Fraser University with Metrotown Mall
  • It runs amid downtown Vancouver and Brentwood Mall
  • It runs between downtown Vancouver and Simon Fraser University

Attractive Natural Environment

When looking for a residence to migrate to, then Burnaby is your paramount city to stay in. The beautiful city is surrounded by beautiful natural resources that brand the area as a famous place. Some of the key rivers and parks in Burnaby include Kensington Park, Central Park, Still Creek, Robert Burnaby Park, and the Burnaby Mountain. Additionally, surrounded by the Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River, the city’s landscape has ridges, hills, valleys, and a sandy plain. Other attraction sites include the Squint lake, the Brunette River, Deer Lake, and Burnaby lake.


Whether you are a parent with school-going kids or a scholar, you will be happy to catch a wealthy education sector in Burnaby. The city is a hub to major British Columbia institutions like the British Columbia Institute and the Simon Fraser University. Furthermore, Burnaby boasts of the Burnaby public library, a residence to read the newest novels and for keeping your kids amused.


There are various fascinating destinations you can pass your weekend or free time in Burnaby. For example, the Burnaby village museum is an exciting place you can take your kids to enjoy while riding on the momentous carousel. Additionally, you can beat your boredom by visiting the Nikkei place, a museum with a wealthy Japanese culture. You can experience weekly occasions and workshops like kimono dressing classes and tea ceremonies.


Eating at home all the time can be tedious; that’s why Burnaby provides its residents with impressive dining scenes to take their dinner. Whether looking for Pacific Northwest cuisine or thrilling old-fashioned delicacies, many restaurants at your disposal boast delicious food. Some of the best eateries in Burnaby include the following.

  1. Beef Noodle House

Situated at the intersection of Moscrop Street and Willingdon Avenue, the beef noodle house is your favorite place to take your meal. The hotel features classic beef noodles, crispy chicken, and the mouthwatering beef noodle soup.

  1. Green and Oak

The eatery cooks delicious Singaporean and Malaysian food using different indigenous ingredients. Common foods at Green and Oak consist of Hainanese chicken served with chili sauce. Additionally, you can get a special diet of seafood accompanied by the Laska Noodle soup.

  1. Trade Winds Restaurant

The eatery located at a small distance from downtown Vancouver serves sweet tandoori-grilled meats, fluffy flatbreads, and fresh seafood.

  1. Agra Tandoori

Agra Tandoori is the right destination when you are longing for Indian foodstuff. The cafeteria sells all your much loved Indian delicacies such as Gulab Jamun, Garlic Naan, chicken tikka masala, and paneer pakoras.

  1. Ramies

The eating place serves all indigenous Greek delicacies such as moussaka, souvlaki platters, stuffed grape leaves, and the slow-roasted lamb. Ramies provides fire-grilled wild salmon, wine sauce and tender baby calamari, and sautéed tiger prawns in garlic if you like seafood.

  1. The One

The Taiwanese café’s delicacies include sliced beef in pancake, kimchi fried rice, tendon soup, Taiwanese sausage fried rice, and deep-fried tentacles.

Weather and Climate

Burnaby city lies at 18m above sea level. Therefore, Burnaby occupants delight in a mild climate with warm winters, dry summer, and rain. The highland areas experience additional snowfall unlike Vancouver and other surrounding municipalities. However, the snow doesn’t accumulate at the lower altitudes. The summer weather extends from June to mid-September.

Cost of Living

The rate of dwelling in Burnaby is lesser than that of Vancouver. However, except when receiving a bigger income in a well remunerating organization, Burnaby city is still pretty expensive. When migrating to this city, note that the lowest income is $10.25 per hour. Therefore, if you work on a part-time basis or a poor paying company, then Burnaby is not your ideal town to squat on. Besides, the urban city comes with expensive sales tax, property taxes, and income taxes, making it costly to reside.

Outdoor Facilities

Burnaby comes with numerous open-air facilities funded by the municipal where you can enjoy all the independence and security you deserve. Some of them comprise the following.

  • Swangard Stadium
  • Game Fields
  • Play Areas
  • Picnic Places
  • Outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Open-air Pools
  • Mountain Air Bike Skills Park
  • Metro Skate Park
  • Confederation Skate Park
  • Burnaby Lake Sports Complex West
  • Burnaby Lake Pavilion


Despite the place being costly to some people, opting to live in Burnaby is a decision you do not regret. With excellent attraction sites, a friendly community, great restaurants, and convenient transport modes, you will have a great time living in this city.

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