Why Co-living is the best accommodation option for migrants in Hyderabad

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There are a few reasons we can think of why you would like to live alone in a new city. The introvert in you has been waiting to truly experience what ‘quiet’ and ‘privacy’ means. You are a middle child who doesn’t want to jostle for space, attention, an identity of your own and living independently in a new city allows you that. You are a cleanliness-freak and would rather not take a chance sharing space with roommates that might be a little more ‘liberal’ about cleanliness. But all this is just hypotheses.

We are ardent advocates of co-living. Because we think you can be an introvert, a middle child, a cleanliness-freak, yet enjoy a happy existence with fellow housemates. All you need to do is find the right place – one that offers a happy balance between privacy and sharing – on your terms. Like say, a professional managed accommodation. These well-appointed spaces score over traditional PGs and hostels, in terms of convenience, amenities, personalization and even cost, providing a holistic value proposition to make your daily living experience absolutely hassle-free.

And what’s more you could pick any city in the country today where migrants go, and you are likely to find a leading operator there. Like, in Hyderabad. Where managed co-living is pretty much the best accommodation option, for several reasons:

Affordable Luxury

Rental accommodation options have typically been the step-child of real estate – unorganized, unimaginative and at times suffering from severe infrastructure and service quality issues. Not anymore. Professionally managed co-living operators have significantly raised the standard of living for migrants to the city. Pick any place in the city where they have facilities – a hostel in Amerpeet, Kukatpally, Nizampet, Gachibowli etc and the experience would be uniformly hassle-free. You can get services like food, laundry, housekeeping, wifi etc which is all managed by a professional team and delivered as affordable packages to customers. What’s more, you don’t have to scrimp for space, adjust in overcrowded rooms or figure out your own amenities. Well-designed rooms, ergonomic furniture, spacious common amenities – gym, terrace, cafeteria are part of delivering a comfortable and enjoyable stay by quality operators like Stanza Living.

Community to die for!

Community building is another key differentiator for co-living accommodations. Managed co-living spaces have a deep focus on creating a happy environment for residents. They are designed to provide opportunities for people to connect, share ideas, relax, unwind, network, and grow together in a nurturing environment. Staying in such places helps you develop a sense of acceptance towards people from diverse backgrounds. You learn to connect with others and foster long-enduring bonds. Some of the ways in which operators do this is by organising social activities – movie sessions, games, musical events which people can enjoy at the end of a hard day.

New-age living solutions

The advantage of a professionally-managed co-living space is that since they consider themselves an alternative to existing rental accommodation options, they focus on being the most comfortable, convenient and consumer-friendly place you could find. They do this through every action. Like not having to worry about documentation when you move in. E-KYC, online rental agreements, invoiced rent collection – there is a system for everything. Did you know that some operators also enable you to browse menus and book meals in advance? Or register a maintenance complaint through an app, without having to chase down the landlord or staff for any support. And they do this for thousands of residents across the city – that’s how they get better at understanding consumer needs.

Co-living spaces act like a one-stop solution for all the requirements of a migrant in a metro city like Hyderabad. If you are also moving to Hyderabad and looking for a girls hostel in Hyderabad or a boys PG, a single room or a shared one, we would suggest going for a professional operator like Stanza Living. It has multiple properties in prime locations across the city. These are safe, convenient and exciting places designed for all personalities.

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