5 Apartment Security & Safety Tips for Renters

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Apartment Security and Safety
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Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. Here are our top tips to keep yourself safe in your new space.

When you first get the keys to a new place it is an exciting time. It is exciting whether you are an owner or a renter. Either way, you are striking out in a new place on your own… and that deserves a moment of congratulations.

If you want to keep yourself as safe as you can in your new apartment though, here are our top ways in which you can protect yourself. Nobody wants to be vulnerable simply because they have moved to a new place.

The Best Safety Tips for a Rented Apartment

Before you sign that lease deal, here are some things to think about regarding your new home.

1 – Consider Apartment Premises Liability

First things are first: if you are renting an apartment and you are broken into, it is your responsibility, not the landlords. Although they are liable for providing you with enough security to survive, you oversee using those secure measures. On the other hand, all liability verdicts and settlements can be debated in one way or another. If you go out, do not lock your door, and get broken into, it is your own fault. If you go out and you cannot lock the door because you do not have a lock, then it is the landlord’s fault for not providing one.

2 – Think about Lighting

If your yard is particularly dark, there is a statistically higher chance that you will be the victim of crime. If people can work on your locks or windows without being seen, they will use that cover of darkness and potentially break into your rented apartment. Motion sensor lights, solar powered lamps, and other outdoor lighting will help prevent this.

Outdoor lighting is not the only thing that deters criminals. Leaving a light on in the house when you sleep can be just enough to deter those criminals.

3 – Use your Locks

Locking the door at night is something that we all do, but even a rented apartment requires you to be vigilant. Window locks are the perfect way to stop someone breaking into your home if you live in the lower floors. Add your window locks to the night-time lock down and you should see a marked improvement in personal security.

4 – Do not Forget about Cyber

Your home and rented apartment can be as safe as… houses… but do not forget about your cyber security. Locking down your Wi-Fi system with a password, keeping your laptops up to date, and using a malware resistant anti-viral program, will all help you stay safe at home.

5 – CCTV

Adding some Closed Circuit television cameras will deter almost anyone. If you cannot afford the cameras, then putting up a sign saying that people are being recorded should be enough to get the message across. If you cannot afford the cameras, hinting that you have them is usually enough to keep burglars away.

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