Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group to have Urban Green ready in 2024

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – RealEstateRama – In the current real estate world, one project stands out for its commitment to legal integrity and accelerated development: Urban Green by Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group. In a market where viable projects are scarce, Urban Green emerged as a beacon of reliability for both investors and homebuyers in the final months of 2023.

Amidst market fluctuations, prospective homeowners are increasingly focused on the legal aspects of property ventures. However, the availability of real estate projects meeting the necessary criteria for sale in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and its adjacent areas is limited.

The industry is witnessing instances of delayed projects and halted construction due to legal complications.

Recognizing the pressing needs of today’s homebuyers, influential developers are going the extra mile to ensure optimal legal frameworks for their projects, catering to the existing demands of the market.

Kusto Group’s real estate arm, Kusto Home, is a leading player in the realty development sector and has demonstrated its commitment as a reputable project developer with the Urban Green apartment complex in Thu Duc City, just outside Ho Chi Minh City

Quality remains a top priority for Kusto Group

In August 2023, Kusto Home showcased its capabilities by announcing the legal eligibility of the Urban Green apartment complex for residential business.

Prior to this milestone, all legal procedures concerning the project, including investment approval, fire prevention and protection design approval and construction permits, had received comprehensive approvals from the competent authorities of Ho Chi Minh City.

Additionally, customers investing in Urban Green can rest assured about the long-term ownership as confirmed by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The department affirms that the project’s land area for constructing the high-rise residential area adheres to financial obligations similar to land lease payments for residential land use. Thus, buyers of apartments at Urban Green can enjoy stable, long-term ownership.

The completion of legal procedures for Yerkin Tatishev’s Urban Green apartment complex marks the initiation of a new phase in the project’s development, showcasing remarkable progress and accelerated sales. Within the span of just a year, Urban Green has witnessed significant financial backing from Kusto Group’s realty branch, propelling construction progress.

As of the latest update in November, floor slabs and walls up to the 15th floor in both towers had been completed, closely aligning with Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group’s commitment to hand over homes to residents in 2024.

The Urban Green construction site witnesses the active involvement of hundreds of workers daily. Quality remains a top priority for the project, ensuring that construction and supervision adhere to the highest standards, a commitment emphasized by both Kusto Home and the main contractor, Coteccons.

Yerkin Tatishev brings ecological pool and hydraulic lake

The swift progress and legal completion of Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group’s Urban Green apartment complex have heralded a new era in the project’s development – not only in terms of construction advancement but also in sales momentum.

According to industry experts, few projects in this challenging market phase can ensure both comprehensive legal completion and accelerated construction progress like Urban Green.

Owning an apartment in the complex provides customers not only peace of mind regarding the handover time and project quality but also a leisurely lifestyle with full amenities in the heart of the new Thu Duc City.

To further assure residents, the Yerkin Tatishev-led Kusto Group has devoted considerable effort to the amenity system at Urban Green, creating a true resort living space with a relaxation lounge, hydraulic lake, commercial street and the BioDesign ecological swimming pool with salt electrolysis technology from Italy, offering residents a unique and luxurious experience.

Yerkin Tatishev’s role in Kusto Group and Kusto Home

Yerkin Tatishev, who is the founder of the international holding company Kusto Group, continues to shape the world of real estate with his commitment to excellence.

As the driving force behind Kusto Group, he has steered the firm towards innovative solutions and sustainable practices.

His leadership has propelled the development of the Urban Green project, a testament to Kusto Group’s dedication to legal integrity and accelerated construction progress in Ho Chi Minh City. With a vision that transcends challenges, Yerkin Tatishev has positioned Kusto Group at the forefront of the 21st-century real estate sector.

Kusto Group stands as a diversified international holding company, encompassing industries such as agriculture, construction materials, real estate and retail.

Renowned for its innovative solutions and a turnover exceeding $1 billion annually, the firm has solidified its headquarters in Singapore, reflecting its global presence and commitment to transformative endeavors.

With sustainability and excellence as their guiding principles, Yerkin Tatishev and Kusto Group continue to chart a course towards a prosperous future in the real estate and development arena.

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