3 Ways Mobile Technology is Improving Construction Jobsites


WASHINGTON, D.C. – November 19, 2014 – (RealEstateRama) — Mobile technology is making a huge impact on construction sites. It’s an enormous technological advancement in an industry that has seen relatively few. Job sites are now more efficient, and managing construction projects is easier than ever. Productivity, budgeting, and management have all seen improvements due to mobile technology.

Construction sites are full of powerful tools, such as extension ladders, nail guns, and even jackhammers. It’s hard to imagine that something as small as a tablet or cell phone could be the most valuable tool on the site, but it is. Mobile devices have become the most powerful, and useful, tools on a construction site because they bring everyone together for collaboration, control, and design. Plus, they keep everyone on task, for a more efficient and successful use of time.

Faster Site Set-Ups with Jetpacks and Mobile Internet Connections

Jetpacks are antennas that create 3G-and-4G Internet connections. They create mobilehot-spots, or on-the-spot Internet connections. Before wireless, it was difficult to get an Internet connection on the job site. Now, it’s easier than ever. This result is that job sites are set-up faster, and connected to the Internet without wasting valuable time.

Many Jetpack devices can be connected to as many as 10 devices, which ensures every supervisor has a constant connection. Moreover, these connections feature far-reaching frequencies, and increased security to ensure your information is transmitted privately.

In the old days, it could take weeks or more to establish a working connection. Because of mobile technology, a connection can be established in minutes.

Mobile Project Management Improves Workflow

The office has documents to transmit – perhaps a last minute change in construction. In the past, this could result in days lost because the documents couldn’t be transmitted in real-time. Mobile technology has made it possible to remain connected to the office, whether you’re traveling, on the job site, or somewhere else entirely. You can share information instantly, ensuring time isn’t lost to mistakes or changes.

Emerging mobile technologies are making it possible to control workflow, as well as monitor costs and budgets. Construction project management software allows many users to stay on top of important tasks. Procore users can connect with the job site from their mobile devices in order to collaborate more efficiently. Work can be done both online and offline, as well as there’s round-the-clock access to the project’s directory. You’re not going to find yourself stuck searching for an employee’s phone number when it’s conveniently stored in the directory.

Projects documents and punch lists are easier to access, update, and alter. This wasn’t technology available before mobile technology was made for construction job sites. Notes were kept on paper, and communication was sluggish. All of these advancements have led to greater control over the job site, which has resulted in increased efficiency and an improved workflow.

Improved Communication and Conflict Resolution with Mobile Technology

Construction job sites sometimes face adversity when an employee acts out, can’t get along, or is unreliable. Mobile technology has helped to eliminate conflict by increasing communication. Everyone is invited to share in real-time updates, as well as communicate with supervisors, foremen, and managers. This helps to ensure every individual knows where they should be, and what they should be working on.

Most jobsite conflicts are due to a lack of communication, and mobile technology helps to ensure communication is always easy. In the end, communication is the most important part of a jobsite, and over the years it has been lacking. Thanks to mobile technology, it’s easier to communicate than ever, and management is farer-reaching and more effective.

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