4 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bedroom

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We spend approximately a third of our lives, sleeping or attempting to get to sleep. The majority of this sleeping time is undoubtedly spent in our bedrooms.

If your bedroom isn’t as comfy or attractive as you would like it to be, it makes sense to put work into it.

Fortunately, bedroom remodels lie on the affordable end of the spectrum, at least compared to kitchen or bathroom renovations. Most of the work is superficial, and usually, no structural elements need to be moved. 

However, you must consider a few things to ensure everything goes as planned. The following are some of them.

1. Your Needs

Is the room showing its age a little too much for your liking? Is the décor too dark? Is the noise from the street keeping you up? Does the furniture need replacing? These are just a few questions that can help you get in touch with your needs.

Compare what you want the room to be like to its current state. Then list down your needs, taking into account your lifestyle habits. For example, if you like reading on the bed or if your bedroom doubles up as your office, you might want to incorporate task lighting.

2. Budgetary Constraints

Having made a list of requirements, the next logical question you need to answer is whether you can afford the remodel. If not, find a way of fitting everything to your budget. Refurbishing is always cheaper than replacing, so refurbish as much as you can. If repainting is too expensive, use a wallpaper, and DIY as much as you can since labor can drive up costs.

3. Removing Clutter

Just as unused items in a shed accumulate dust, your room also accumulates a lot of unnecessary stuff over time. These things make the room feel crowded and cluttered and draw attention away from the beautiful accents and architectural highlights of your bedroom.

Contrary to popular belief, clutter doesn’t have to be old, rusty, unused junk, or a thirty-year-old pile of newspapers. It can be the stack of books on your bedside table that you no longer read, the boots in your closet that feel a bit too snug, or the mismatched linen sheets you accidentally bought.

4. Function

Regardless of how many personas your bedroom has (office, movie theatre, study room, etc.), the bottom line is that it’s still a bedroom and must have a conducive environment for sleep, one that encourages quality sleep.

To this end, consider installing soft lighting, dimming switches, getting a comfortable bed, and don’t forget to flip the mattress at least twice a year. You may also consider soundproofing.

Bright lights can upset your body’s natural clock, making it difficult to sleep well or to get to sleep at all. Quality window blinds ensure unwanted light stays out and are therefore essential to have. Consider using materials such as cotton and velvet for your blinds if you do not want your curtains and blinds to appear heavy.

Don’t forget the flooring, but put in mind that the type of flooring you should go for depends on your environment. A wall to wall rug, for instance, may not fare well in hot and humid climates, as compared to hardwood or tile flooring.

Don’t Rush It

Although bedroom remodels are not as expensive as other home remodeling projects, a poorly planned job can severely test your patience and quickly inflate your budget. Diligent planning ensures that you understand what it takes for a successful remodel and reduces the likelihood of your dream turning into a nightmare.

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