5 Atlanta Real Estate Market Trends To Watch In 2019


The Atlanta real estate market continues to flourish despite the downfall of other markets around the world. As a realtor in Atlanta, this is good news to take advantage of the new developing areas and neighborhoods. At the same time, increases in property sales initiate movement in other areas of real estate and city living. In order to buy or sell more houses in the Atlanta market, you will need to watch the latest trends in 2019. We will cover the latest Atlanta real estate market trends that are increasing opportunities for realtors.

New Housing Developments

The influx of new housing developments are positively affecting the overall Atlanta real estate market. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. A growing population needs more housing. Without new establishments, the city will fail to hold all of its new and old occupants. More so, if new homes are not built, realtors will run out of properties to sell to home seekers, driving up prices dramatically. Fortunately, the city is building new communities. These communities consist of both apartments and condos. This trend of building more homes increases your opportunities to make sales and profit as a realtor.

Wholesale Real Estate

Since the Atlanta real estate market’s rate of home flipping is increasing, so is wholesale real estate. Wholesale real estate entails wholesalers buying and selling homes that need renovating. Wholesalers profit through this process by estimating how much a home could be worth after flipping it. Investors purchase these undervalued properties with the knowledge that they can flip them and sell them at higher prices. As the home buyer’s demand in home flipping grows, investors are very active in the market. Therefore, wholesale real estate can potentially expand significantly in Atlanta, Georgia. Realtors looking to expand their experiences in the market can use this opportunity to their advantage.

Competitive Pricing Persists

Since there are many new developments going up, the market has remained competitive throughout the greater Atlanta area. According to Atlanta market statistics, prices have fallen slightly. Professionals predict that the amount of “price reduced” signs on front lawns will continue to rise. This trend allows realtors to sell more homes. Of course, potential home buyers want to purchase homes at the lowest prices possible. They typically turn to realtors to initiate deals between them and the current homeowners. If you can reduce the costs of homes frequently, you can satisfy more customers. More so, you can close deals quickly and increase your cash flow as a result. For these reasons, the price reduction trend in the Atlanta real estate market is creating more opportunities.

Investment Properties

With this in mind, investment properties are also trending in the Atlanta real estate market. Investors prefer Atlanta’s investment properties despite their high costs for numerous reasons. Firstly, they provide top-notch security. Secondly, the communities welcome all genders and ethnicities because they are well diversed. Keep these positive features in mind when selling investment properties. If you do, you can take advantage of this new opportunity. You can effectively target investors interested in the Atlanta real estate market and sell multiple types of homes efficiently.

High Rental Demands

Finally, Atlanta’s ever-growing population has increased home buyers’ demands for rentals. The majority of Atlanta’s incoming residents enter the city in hopes of expanding their careers. The city houses numerous job opportunities in various industries. Since many job seekers are tight on cash, they prefer renting over buying. If you can purchase valuable rental properties, you can increase your profits as quickly as people move to the city. The increasing amount of young adults opens up doors for realtors to utilize the latest technology. Learn how to use digital staging and other technological advancements to close rental deals in the Atlanta real estate market.

While many real estate markets are faltering around the world, the Atlanta real estate market continues to grow. Numerous trends accompany this expansion. For instance, new housing developments are being built, which provides realtors with more properties to sell. As price reductions rise, realtors can make sales more efficiently. Meanwhile, wholesale real estate margins are increasing due to a rise in home flipping. Because Atlanta’s investment properties offer numerous benefits to investors, they are popularizing as well. Lastly, realtors are seeing a boost in rental demands as more professionals move to the city to look for jobs. By keeping up with these top Atlanta real estate market trends, you can take advantage of new opportunities for realtors.

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