5 Steps to Take Before Listing Your Home

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Homeowners everywhere hope to sell at the highest possible price when listing their home on the market and moving to a new, better space for their family. But cashing out at the peak of the market’s price range is not always in the cards. Homeowners suffer from a number of setbacks when considering bringing their home to the market, but with a quick checklist at your side, you can avoid these pitfalls and take advantage of the best possible pricing on your home in order to free up as much capital as possible for your move.

Understand the true value of your home.

Listing Your Home

The real estate industry is plagued by a general lack of transparency when it comes to pricing structure. A home’s value is more than the sum of its parts or its square footage. A real estate property is valued through these metrics but also based on the factors that surround it. Companies like Nalula are working to fix that problem. Nalula utilizes new metrics for homeowners so that they can accurately compare their home’s value to others on the market in their local area. With this new knowledge, you can accurately price your home in order to maximize viewings and invite the best offers from prospective buyers.

Revamp your exteriors.

Revamp your exteriors

New siding, a fresh coat of paint, or a Grand Rapids window replacement, are all essential improvement projects that can take an outdated home and turn it into a modern style. Painting your home can increase the sale price by thousands of dollars, but make sure you update the exterior colors with modern trends in order to take full advantage of the price increase potential. Window replacement is also essential in locations that see extreme weather throughout the year. Old windows let out heat and energy and are one of the first things a prospective buyer will look at when they view your home. Replacing these with high energy efficiency models will make for greater peace of mind while you occupy the home and give you an edge when trying to sell down the road.

Update the flooring for a luxury sale.

flooring for a luxury sale

Hardwood flooring or new, high-quality carpeting attracts many prospective buyers. Floors tie together the energy of the room, and luxurious flooring throughout the entire home can help you upsell anyone who is considering making an offer. Hardwood flooring, in particular, can last decades and is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Resod the lawn and include new landscaping features.

landscaping features

Landscaping upgrades are a great way to showcase patio doors and the exterior of your home as a whole. Buyers are seeking out excellent outdoor spaces these days, so a landscaping upgrade can act as a great renewal of your home’s potential. Planting new flowering bushes or trees along with new sod and beautiful flower beds can really bring new happiness to your home that sparks visions of future projects for those considering buying it.

Think about kitchen upgrades to increase the value.

kitchen upgrades

Kitchen upgrades are some of the first things that new homeowners consider. The kitchen acts as the hub of the entire home and a fair price offer typically takes into account any work that will have to be done in order to update any issues with the kitchen. Remodeling this space is a great way to get ahead of this trouble and incorporate a price increase for yourself at the same time.

Before listing your home, do your homework and consider a few easy upgrades to really boost your potential sale price.

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