5 Things to Consider in Hiring a Pest Control Company

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A pest control professional is your best bet against any ongoing pest infestations. They’ll apply the safest, most effective treatment methods using specialized equipment and pesticides.

But wherever you’re located, there are hundreds of nearby pest control companies. That makes picking a reliable pest management provider a big challenge.

So in this quick guide, we’ll share with you 5 important things to consider when hiring a pest control company.

Let’s get started.

1- License and Qualifications

Any pest control company in Toronto must have a current license to operate in the area.

A pest control license ensures that all employees are undergoing annual training and are current with the latest industry developments.

Also, licensed professionals are skilled in advanced pest control techniques. And they have access to specialized equipment and pesticides unavailable in retail stores.


Before letting anyone inside your house, check for their license, identification, and certificates. Make sure they possess the necessary qualifications and training to perform pest control in Toronto.

2- References

A license isn’t enough when choosing a pest control service. There are lots of other things to consider, including pricing, competence, and customer service.

Start by asking your friends and neighbors for references about the pest control services they’ve used in the past.


Call the best pest control companies in your area to learn more about their references  and the techniques they use. Any successful pest control company will be happy to provide you with their client feedback and testimonials.

3- Contract

A one-time pest treatment plan can sometimes be enough to protect your home from pests. Yet, a monthly or quarterly contract is often necessary in situations where routine pesticide application is required.

The contract should state the following information:

  • Company length
  • Service duration
  • Treatment plan
  • Guarantee
  • Cost

Before you sign any pest control contract, be sure to read it thoroughly to understand what you’re agreeing to. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about quotes, insurance, or any other unclear details that you’re not confident about.

4- Liability Insurance

Is the company you’re hiring bonded and insured?

Liability insurance protects you against any damages to your property or furnishings during treatment. Such accidents can happen to the most qualified businesses, so it would be of crucial importance to have a guaranteed compensation for your losses.

Most reputable pest control providers protect themselves by being bonded. To check for insurance liability, you can visit the company’s FAQ section or ask them directly over the phone.

5- Guarantee

A professional pest control company will at first ensure a basic satisfaction guarantee. That means that its employees won’t leave your house until it is 100% pest-free.

On top of that:

Many pest control companies in Toronto, like GreenLeaf Pest Control Toronto, will offer a service guarantee. However, their terms can differ from one service provider to another.

You must take the time to learn what the guarantee covers, how long it lasts, what your responsibilities are, and if there are additional charges for that.

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