5 Ways to Fund a Home Improvement Project

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Home improvements can improve the value of your property. However, finding the cash to fund the projects can be hard. The most common ways you could do it are discussed below. Read ahead.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a great way to finance home improvements. They aren’t something many people consider, as they usually think about going in for a loan.

You might have just gotten the card. Most likely, you would be exempt from interest for a couple of months. Using this time to pay for the renovations would be smart.

What’s more, your bank may have partnered with suppliers and contracting teams. You could get a discount on what you want done.


The most popular way people fund renovations is through personal loans. How much you would get depends on how much you make, your credit score, as well as your debt-to-income ratio.

If you have a bad credit score, working with a conventional lender might be hard. You would seem like a risk. The score would only be bad if you have a history of not paying debts. However, there are ways you can get a loan even with a bad credit score, as there are special lenders to work with.

If you’re in Alberta loans for people with poor credit are easily available.

Instead of a personal loan, you might prefer a home improvement loan. They’re not as common as their counterparts, but their interest rates are lower, and you’d get a more competitive payment period.

Refinance Your Mortgage

Why don’t you refinance your mortgage? A new one would pay out the old one. There would be a sum left that you can use for the renovations. A bonus is that the new mortgage would have a better interest rate and a more competitive payment plan.

Various banks and lenders offer refinancing, so it’s easy to get done.

Tap Into Savings

How much do you have in your bank account? Use the cash to fund your home improvements. If you work with a lender, you’d have to deal with interest rates.  This won’t be an issue if you take out funds from your bank account.

You can think of putting your savings into the renovations as an investment. After all, you’d increase the value of your property.

Government grants

Your government may be offering grants to renovate homes. Most of the time, these grants would only be offered for you to purchase energy efficient appliances and gear.

Just like you could borrow from a bank, you might be able to borrow from the government too. These loans are great, as you wouldn’t be hit with massive interest rates.

If you’re planning home renovations, taking the leap would be smart. You can improve the value of your property. One of the best ways to fund the project is by borrowing from the government. You wouldn’t have to pay huge interest rates. What’s more, grants to make your property eco-friendly are freely available.

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