6 Benefits of Using Protective Coverings for Painting Projects


Most home improvement professionals know the benefits of utilizing protective materials to avoid damage from spills and paint spatter. The quality of those elements can make a massive difference in results. Below are six ways that the right protective coverings help with any interior painting project.

Superior Floor Protection

Placing and securing an excellent type of disposable protective covering over floors in areas of projects that will be messy, or require heavy equipment and tool usage provides superior surface protection. Dents, dings, drips, and spills are no match for a quality protective covering rated to handle weight, impact or liquid spills. Leave the flooring in the condition it was upon arrival.

Easier Trim Application

Painting or staining trim can be a hassle without the right prep materials. The paint job will only offer great results if the preparation work completely covers areas that are not subject to painting or staining. Strong tapes and tear-away paper products will protect the walls when you are in the process of painting or applying stain to the trim.

Cover Built-In Structures

Cupboards, china hutches, bookcases, and fireplace mantels that are in areas where the painting will occur need covering to avoid paint spills, drips, and spattering. A newspaper might seem like a cheap, workable idea, but it can look unprofessional, and paint can eventually seep through.

Protect Hallways and Light Fixtures from Paint Spatter

Using a paint roller or spray machine offers quicker results, but it can send small particles of paint spattering in all directions. A durable absorbent covering can be placed in adjoining hallways to protect the floor. tear-away paper and strong red polyethylene tape can be used to protect light fixtures from paint contamination.

Protect Furniture and Electronics Without Heavy Lifting

Use a thick plastic drop cloth or plastic film to cover appliances, furniture, electronics, and home decor items rather than doing a total furnishings move. It will keep the items well protected and limit the amount of labor-intensive work for you and the customer.

Leave Customers Happy with the Results

The proper protective covering materials will allow for a sharper result in any painting project. Your customers will be pleased and feel better about recommending your services to other family and friends. It can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction.

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