6 Home Storage Tips For Limited Spaces

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6 Home Storage Tips For Limited Spaces

An organized and decluttered home is every homeowner’s dream. However, this remains a dream for homeowners living in small spaces. With limited space, it’s challenging to store all your valuables, which is why many tiny homes are likely to be messy.

Nevertheless, you can have plenty of storage even with limited space. Before declaring you’re out of storage, have you utilized the back and top of your doors? What about the walls? Your small space can hold more than you think. To help you maximize your limited space, consider these tips.

  • Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is essential for each home. It might also be the best tip for maximizing your storage if you live in a small space, such as a shipping container home. With less stuff, it’s impossible to overcrowd your home or lack space to store your essential valuables.

If your space doesn’t accommodate all your belongings, you must ask yourself if you need everything in your home. While it might be hard to get rid of things you’ve always seen around you for quite some time, it’s wise to determine what doesn’t work for you anymore or what you don’t need. Once you’ve figured this out, find a better way to dispose of unwanted stuff. This can mean donating or selling some items.

Home Storage Tips For Limited Spaces

  • Elevate Your Plants

Some homeowners extremely love plants and seem to never get enough, even if they have small spaces. If you’re one of them and you feel that getting rid of some fancy flower cases with beautiful flowers isn’t an option, don’t hesitate to display them. At this point, you need to avoid placing your flowers on the floor and instead, elevate them uniquely. For example, you can construct wall shelves for your flowers or consider hanging planters. This move will save the floor space for other items and make your space more appealing.

  • Never Ignore The Back Of A Door

Many homeowners don’t realize how important the back of a door is when it comes to optimizing storage in a small space. Besides being a unique area to store your valuables, the back of a door is an ideal hiding area for sentimental items since many people might never realize it functions as storage.

The back of a door can be personalized depending on the items you want to store. For example, if you want additional storage for your kitchenware, a trained carpenter can design storage at the back of your kitchen door to suit your needs. Similarly, if you think your wardrobe isn’t large enough to hold your clothes and bags, you can have storage built at the back of your room’s door to store some of these items and other personal belongings. With the back-of-door storage, you’ll have plenty of room to store things that have gone for too long without proper storage.

  • Utilize Over-The-Door Space Wisely

Besides the back of a door, did you know that over-the-door space can make excellent and effective storage? This may have come as a surprise since you might have never thought of it! Over-the-door space is an area that isn’t considered functional by many homeowners.

However, this shouldn’t be the case, especially if you’re working with a limited space. To effectively utilize this space, install shelving or cabinetry and store items like books and paintings there. That said, over-the-door storage isn’t ideal for every item. For instance, building wine storage over a door might not be a good idea since the vibrations resulting from door movement can interfere with the wine’s chemical elements.

  • Consider Wall-Mounted Storage

Regardless of how small your space might be, it likely has an empty wall waiting to be discovered as excellent storage. Such walls are ideal for storing books, plants, artifacts, and anything in between. All you need is to contact a reputable carpenter who can design unique wall-mounted shelving to match your space. Once this is done, you’ll not only have adequate storage for your things but also own a beautiful, organized tiny space that appears more functional.

  • Hang Some Items

There’s nothing more beautiful than an organized kitchen. When it’s properly organized, a homeowner can easily prepare meals without bumping onto things. Unfortunately, kitchens are among the home spaces with the most stuff; hence, they’re more likely to be cluttered, especially if the space is small.

There are endless ways to organize your kitchen and maximize storage. For instance, hanging some kitchenware, such as pans and anything else that can be hung, can declutter your countertops to make them ideal for food preparation. Overall, this storage idea makes the kitchen look spacious and organized.


Your home’s storage capacity can depend on how creative you are in optimizing your space. Even with a large home, you can have limited storage if you have unused items that are still being kept. On the other hand, if you only store what needs to be stored, your small space can have adequate storage for your valuables. 

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