6 Key Home Design Trends for 2020

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Home design is a fast-moving field, and the trends that are hot one year do not always carry over to the next. Some of the trends that will emerge will be the culmination of micro-trends that have developed over the previous years. However, many of them will be unpredictable and will arise as a response to completely random outside forces.

The trends below are those that we have already begun to see creep into designs and which we expect to become much more prominent over the next year. No doubt others will arise, and some of these may even fall to the wayside.

Redefining Neutral

Until recently, the majority of neutral colors in the home were restricted to beige and various shades of white. However, this started to change over the last few years. Throughout 2020, expect to see a lot more pinks and light blues in everything from tiles, to the upholstery, to paint. This is a trend that has been developing for some time. More and more gold has been finding its way into modern kitchens, and pinks and blues look very effective when combined with gold and copper accents.

An Emphasis on Geometry

Effective use of geometry has always been an important principle in home design. However, it is now taking on new forms as preferences for geometry change. Judging by what we have seen so far from a number of influential designers, it looks like octagons and hexagons will be featuring prominently in 2020. The effective use of geometry is an excellent way of bringing an otherwise boring space back to life.

Kitchen Jewelry

Gold has become increasingly common in modern kitchens and is now used to accent furnishings and countertops. We have also seen a growing preference for the use of tiles as kitchen accessories. This is an easy way to add some personality to a space. It also presents designers with another opportunity to incorporate more geometry into their design; arranging tiles geometrically can create a very powerful visual effect.

Obscure Glass for Bathrooms

This trend will mostly be felt in the design of homes in urban and suburban areas. Using bathroom blinds in order to maintain privacy has the significant disadvantage of reducing the amount of light that is able to shine through the window. Not only do these blinds leave bathrooms looking dark and dull, but they also prevent steam from escaping when using the shower, potentially leading to mold and other issues due to moisture build-up.

A much better solution is to use obscure glass for the windows. This is a type of frosted glass that allows light to flow through freely, but which is difficult to see through because of its texture. You can see an example of obscure Windows over at American Vision Windows, who sell windows and doors San Diego. On their website, they have examples of the different types of texturing that obscure glass can have.

Mixing Metals

Throughout 2020, we can expect to see homeowners using unique hardware finishes in various combinations like never before. Previously overlooked finishes such as black, brass, copper and rose gold are expected to be prominent throughout 2020. By using these finishes in different combinations and changing the mix of metals used, homeowners can incorporate more metal into their designs while maintaining a consistent aesthetic theme.

Ethical Consumerism

Consumers are more conscious and ethically aware than they have ever been before. Businesses are now able to trade heavily on their eco-credentials, with the more forward-thinking businesses reaping rewards in increased market share and a wider appeal. Ethical consumerism is usually a trend that we associate with younger people, who are increasingly forced by circumstance to be more creative with their home design choices.

However, this is no longer just a concern for young people. Environmentalism has gone mainstream, and now that ethical shopping is available to those who are willing to make a little more effort, the trend for ethical consumerism has gone into hyperdrive.

Throughout homes in 2020, we expect to see many more ethically sourced pieces of furniture as well as household products. We may even see a growing preference for ethics over aesthetics from many homeowners, which could radically change the balance in lots of homes. Similarly, we are expecting a growing preference for the use of natural and renewable materials.

These are just some of the home design trends that we are predicting will take storm in 2020. Of course, this is an unpredictable field, and there is no telling what other trends will come to fruition and which will begin to emerge ready for the next year. There is a whole range of different factors that affect the way we design our homes, and these fashion trends are just one of the many things that you should consider when designing your own dream home.

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