6 Things Important to a Woman When Buying a New Home

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When women look for a home to buy, there are a few things that they are watching for. They are interested in how to measure kitchen cabinets and how much storage space will be in the home. This is why it is important to know what they really want in a home as they are shopping around.

It goes without saying that women think differently and utilize more emotions in their decisions. Buying a home can be a real emotional experience and evidence shows that women make up more than 90% of new home purchases.

It is known that women take a home’s interior into account more than anything else. With things like the flooring, functionality, appliances, paint, and layout, it is important to understand that there are also six more things that are important to a woman when looking to buy a new home.

1. Spacious Closet Space

Nobody knows for sure why, but the closets seem to draw a woman into the bedroom. They will eventually head that way and figure out the amount of room they will have. A lot of times it is due to the need for managing the number of belongings the family has. This means ensuring the drawers, cupboards and other storage areas are sufficient.

2. Feeling Secure

Being safe is one thing, but the need to feel that you are safe is another, especially for women. If there are issues with safety and security, a woman will have no problem looking elsewhere for a home.

This is especially true if a woman is single as they easily take security personally in the home. This would be the same for a wife and husband, but more so for a single woman.

3. Ability to Relax With Friends

Having a home that you can relax and socialize with friends is one of the top necessities to a woman and the home she buys. Not only that, but women will naturally share and they love to talk among themselves about daily life. No matter which room they relax in, it has to be comfortable enough to where all those who attend will feel at ease.

4. A Handy Laundry Room

Having an easy access laundry room is paramount to many women and one with cabinets to store all of the laundry supplies is a huge plus for many women. It’s nice having a huge amount of space to fold and sort clothes. However, the reality is that not all women will get to experience the true luxury that a nice laundry room could provide. The thing that most women care about the most is the location itself.

This means chugging a laundry basket up and down the stairs is a huge negative for most women. Preferably, having the laundry on the same floor and near a bedroom would make life easier for all concerned.

5. Not Requiring Much Work

Women tend to lean toward a home design that does not require much work. Women also prefer that the exterior of the home be maintenance-free too by using vinyl siding and having landscaping that is no maintenance.

Women are busy in their daily lives and they would not be able to keep up with any big house chores at the same time. Plus, if they have a job, then they may end up putting off things to do and eventually forget to do them. If a marriage is involved, then they could also feel even more stressed when it comes to who does what.

Not only that, but when a person sees a lot of work that is needed, then they may start by doing it themselves but may end up calling in a professional to take over the job.

6. The Location Is Key

Location is always a big player in a home, but with women, it becomes a priority when women have to do many other errands that they want to be close to.

Naturally, the size of the home is not what women care about the most. In fact, they are happy with a home that is small and is located in a nice area with all of the amenities close by. When the location is ideal, the home will feel perfect to her.

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